As the most unusual year – how people like to think 2016 as – ends, Donald Trump took his time to put up a controversial statement in his twitter account on Saturday. As the whole world celebrated the New Year’s Eve, Trump wished happy new year to all, including his enemies and those who fought him and ‘lost so badly they don’t know what to do’. While this sentence seems a little hostile, Trump didn’t forget to place his ‘Love!’ at the end.

Analysing Trump’s words

People might not have whole-heartedly received the President-elect’s new year wishes. More than 65 million voted against him. Calling those 65 million Americans his enemies is perhaps not the best step a to-be President could have taken. Regardless of people’s ideologies, Trump is the new president and he is the one who should work towards uniting the ‘Divided States of America’.

Moreover, the part ‘lost so badly they don’t what to do’ might be a little intimidating to Hillary Clinton and her supporters. President Trump, perhaps it’s time to think about what you tweet.

Not the first time Trump wished his opponents

The President-elect Donald Trump has always been gratuitous to, who he calls, haters, losers, and enemies. During 2013 Christmas as well, Trump’s favorite social media site featured a tweet which read: “I’d like to wish all of my friends–and even my many enemies–a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Likewise, the tweet from 2015 New Year read: “To EVERYONE, including all haters and losers, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Work hard, be smart and always remember, WINNING TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING!”

While some people think this act as an immense humbleness of Trump, others take it as a sarcasm. We got to ask Mr. Trump himself to find out what he actually meant!

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