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The incumbent Vice president Joe Biden told the President-elect Donald Trump to ‘grow up’ in an interview with Judy Woodruff from PBS NewsHour. The much admired and frequent victim of memes, Joe Biden, wants to see 70-year-old President-elect to ‘be an adult’.

Biden said,

Grow up, Donald. Grow up. Time to be an adult. You’re president. You got to do something. Show us what you have. You’re going to propose legislation. We’re going to get to debate it. Let the public decide. Let them vote in Congress. Let’s see what happens.”

In the interview, Biden completely slammed Trump’s acts. He also said, “It’s going to be much clearer what he’s for and against, and what we’re for and against, now that it’s going to get down to actually discussing in detail these issues that affect people’s lives.

Biden also found a lack of confidence in Trump about the US security. He called it dangerous and mindless. Here’s what Biden said –

I think it’s dangerous. For a President not to have confidence in, not to be prepared to listen to the myriad of intelligence agencies from defense intelligence, to the CIA, et cetera, is absolutely mindless. It’s just mindless.

In the same interview, as Woodruff questioned Biden about Trump’s recent tweets such as calling Chuck Schumer a ‘head clown’, boycotting CIA and spy agencies for suspecting Russia, Biden gave a cheeky smile.

One of the CNN analysts saw Biden’s sarcastic call to Trump as not being helpful to anyone.

Throughout the election campaign, Joe Biden was completely against Donald Trump. However, he did say that he would love a flight with Trump if they were both high schoolers. Biden’s exact words:

The press always asks me: don’t I wish I were debating him. No, I wish we were in high school—I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish. Perhaps, everyone would wish the same – at least he/she would get to laugh on Trump’s unusually different logics.

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