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Ivanka Trump is an independent woman. She is classy and has flawless beauty. At 15, she tried out a modeling career, appearing on the cover of Seventeen and in a Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign, and even walking the runway for Versace and Thierry Mugler. Later she gave up and moved on to real estate business and she is also the proprietor of her own fashion line.

Jared Kushner is a de facto manager, a son to the skirmish real estate clans. Being born into privilege, Kushner never liked newspaper because that used to stigmatize their  family name as Charles Kushner, Jared’s father, head of a multi-hundred-million-dollar real estate empire in New Jersey, pleaded guilty to 18 felony counts of tax fraud, election violations, and witness tampering.

Ivanka and Jared; a fairytale love story

She met her now-husband Jared when a commercial real estate broker and another friend set them up on a business lunch. They have been engaged for 3 months. Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump in a Jewish ceremony in 2009. Kushner is also the owner and publisher of the New York Observer, which endorsed Trump before the New York primary in April, in an editorial with the unforgettable frank opening: “Donald Trump is the father-in-law of the Observer’s publisher. That is not a reason to endorse him. Giving millions of disillusioned Americans a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity is.”

His family even criticized him for supporting   an anti-Semite image (his father in law) who has uneasy sit down with Jews .May that involve proposing bans on Jews. However, Jared Kushner loves her dearly and he has written a tribute to her work. Ivanka Trump got all the ways to being an orthodox Jewish. They have three children daughter Arabella Rose Kushner (born July 2011) and sons, Joseph Frederick Kushner (born October 2013) and Theodore James Kushner (born March 27, 2016).

She has been a perfect mom, to looking at her toddler, to teaching them to swim or doing business deals. She has no nanny and helpers to serve her well. Being a leader advocate in her father’s campaign to dealing with serious issues, she outstands other American women. She held power and has lobbying personality.

Ivanka and Jared for Republican Campaign of Donald Trump

Generally, Jared loves to be away from the public spotlight but his father in law campaign bring him to be   onto national news in defense of his divisive father in law.

When her father announced his run for president, she also was a judge on Celebrity Apprentice. In 2014, she started the #WomenWhoWork initiative on her site, posting articles about career, fashion, and life advice specifically aimed at women looking to climb the corporate life. A book (Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success) will be available in spring 2017. She talks about the busy women who works to get herself a place, in reality, working smarter, harder balancing professional as well as chaotic households.

She is a potential daughter who challenges and advice to her father. She knows business tactics and her husband pays a tribute to her for her time for children and household despite having troublesome, busy political and business life.

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