Ross Mechanic, the only known lover of Tiffany Trump till date, is a Computer Science major senior at the University of Pennsylvania. He did his summer internship at an investment startup company, Cadre, which was founded by Jared Kushner. Besides, Mechanic has used his engineering talents in NETS 213 and Idibon, San Francisco.

Currently, Ross is estimated to be worth just around $250k, but he lives in an apartment costing a jaw-dropping two million dollars. Anyway, his net worth is $350k less than the net worth of his girlfriend Tiffany Trump. However, just like Tiffany Trump’s father Donald Trump is a strong real estate developer and a billionaire, Ross’ father Jonathan Mechanic is a real deal powerful New York estate lawyer.

While Jonathan’s actual net worth is not disclosed yet, he has done a lot of money-spinning deals in the past as a real estate lawyer. Most importantly, he was the main negotiator in the 2006 purchase of Peter Cooper and Stuyvesant Town for whopping $5.4bn.

Talking about Jonathan’s spending, he sent his son Ross to a Manhattan-based school, Friends Seminary, where the tuition fee alone exceeded $39k per year. Even after the high school, Ross went to an ivy league which must have cost Jonathan at least a quarter million dollar fortune.

A photo posted by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on Jul 21, 2013 at 4:26am PDT

Moreover, according to an interview in The Real Deal, Jonathan says that he does around 100 deals every year. That means his firm must be making supernormal profits and he must be getting lucrative bonuses. Reportedly, the Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson grossed a revenue of around $470 million in 2006 alone. Hence, it’s imaginable that Ross Mechanic is an ultimate heir to a multi-million-dollar fortune.

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