The daughter of the President-elect, Ivanka Trump, and the opposing Democrat presidential candidate, Chelsea Clinton, have had a fruitful friendship since they first met. The two successful daughters of the most controversial people in the last two years haven’t reportedly been affected by the election results.

How do Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump feel about each other?

On On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Ivanka confirmed her ever-reigning friendship with Chelsea. She said, “We have a great respect for each other and that hasn’t changed. She’s a great girl and has been a great friend to me.” At the same time, Ivanka was also open about how well they get along despite the election campaign tension between their parents. She is positive about how Clinton plays a significant supportive in her life.

The two friends are often seen together in high-profile parties and events, although not in casual get-togethers. Illustratively, both Clinton and Trump were present at the Glamour Women of the Year Award ceremony. They were reportedly spotted taking photos together in the most intimate way possible.

On the other side, Clinton also puts in her effort to maintain this – as people refer to as – unlikely friendship. Even after Donald Trump’s win, Chelsea wasn’t at all moved away. She said to ABC, “We were friends long before this election. We will be friends long after this election. Our friendship didn’t start in politics, it certainly is not going to end because of politics. I have tremendous respect for Ivanka.”

Likewise, Clinton hasn’t been affected by what Donald Trump said about her mother throughout the election. However, she seemed a bit concerned about how he generally perceives women. Anyway, as very clear in her statement, Chelsea and Clinton’s friendship wasn’t made to end due to other’s politics.

Why this is not actually an unlikely friendship?

The 36-year-old Chelsea Clinton and 35-year-old Ivanka Trump are perfect match for long-term friends. Both being raised in a high-profile family, they share common thoughts and lifestyle. Likewise, both the women have had quite a successful and glamorous career.

The two famous women met each other after because of their husbands. Chelsea married an investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in 2010, a year after Ivanka married the owner of The Kushner Companies, Jared Kushner. Bothe of their weddings were lavishly celebrated with some famous Americans.

Similarly, both the friends live two lives – one as a mother and another as a professional. So, this also adds to the making of friendship between Ivanka and Chelsea.

Contradictorily, Ivanka’s father Donald Trump doesn’t really like the friendship between the two. He said in his election campaign rally that the things would be easier if they weren’t friends. However, Hillary Clinton hasn’t made such comments but praises Trump’s children.


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