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Mike Pence is the next vice president of the United States who is scheduled to take oath on January 20, 2017. The President-elect Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate in July 2016 over Ohio Governor John Kasich, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and a few others. Since Trump welcomed Pence into his ‘Make America Great Again’ PAC, the pair seems to have developed a deep-rooted equation for each other.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump on major issues

As Donald Trump said in a speech, he chose Mike as his running mate for the sake of party unity – maybe not what Trump actually wanted. While some people see this pair as two opposite extremes, some praise Trump’s wisdom of selecting a person who is an expert in a completely different sector.

As Republicans, both Trump and Pence are against abortion. On top of that, Mike is one of the leaders who signed the most abortion-restrictive regulations in the US. He has even led the idea of defunding planned parenthood.

Likewise, Trump disagrees on governmental affirmative actions which prioritize some groups of people, for example, women and minorities. On this, Pence shows rather strong disapproval. And, the same thing applies to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Vividly, Pence’s past acts – for instance, he formulated a law to protect businesses which discriminate LGBT from straight in their services or products – show how aggressive he is on these issues.

Similarly, the famous stance of Donald Trump on immigration goes to a lower level when Pence’s stance is taken as a reference. Mike, in 2006, proposed self-deportation of undocumented immigrants in the US.

On 3rd October, Huffington post published an article titled ‘Think Trump Is Crazy? Check Out Mike Pence On the Issues’. On each of the other issues as well, Pence seems to be more aggressive than Donald Trump. Perhaps, that’s what strengthens the equation between POTUS Donald Trump and VPOTUS Mike Pence.

Mike Pence never fails to defend Donald Trump

Just a week ago, Mike Pence called Trump’s receipt of a congratulatory call from Taiwan a courtesy, not an act intended to intimidate China. He also told Time’s Chuck Todd that Donald Trump is a leader willing to engage the world, but on America’s terms.

Mike even defended Trump’s claim on millions who illegally voted for Hillary in 2016 election. Although he had no factual data to add, Pence, with reference to Pew Research, went on to speculate ‘it happened in past means it happens this time as well.  Likewise, he continuously defended Trump over his tax returns by saying, “He’s a businessman.”

The most heated women abuse scandal against Trump was also a defendable case for Mike. He spoke in Florida and promised to bring out evidence against – which he implied as – fake allegations. While defensiveness maybe a better way than opposing to succeed in elections, this extent was very much criticized. However, this indeed extended the friendship journey of Trump and Pence. So far, POTUS and VPOTUS elect have an understanding equation between them – Mike Pence understands Trump better and differently than others or just pretends to.

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