Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump’s friendship.

The media has been pushing the fact, will their friendship survive the 2016 election?

They belong to an opulent family, born with a silver spoon in their mouth. When the olds show their antics to public, the chaos of the election and routinely jabbing each others with brash comments. Trump has even said Clinton was one of “the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States” and raising issues about Bill Clinton’s infidelity. Clinton also augmented the political combat by calling him “temperamentally unfit and unqualified”. Despite, the rival’s daughters are close friends.

Hillary Clinton attended Trump’s 2005 wedding to Melania. When Trump had been a businessman he had some great friendship with her because it was to his advantage, he had even donated to Clinton Foundation. He needed politicians, bureaucrats to flourish his business. The most infamous Trump-Clinton moment was when the two poles took a picture together at the wedding.  However, their children have more class than their parents. They live in the grandiose house, grew up to conflicts of their parents, and are mothers to young children. Chelsea and Ivanka’s both husband are Jewish, they have equally been through public disgrace regarding their marriage.

Chelsea and Ivanka;behaviours and similarities

They come from a different political spectrum. Clinton sits on the board of her family’s Clinton Foundation, and Ivanka Trump is executive vice president of her father’s organization. Chelsea Clinton attended Ivanka’s wedding in 2009. Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, son of a New York real-estate tycoon is now a proprietor of New York Observer newspaper who is dragged into controversy for supporting his anti semine father in law.

Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky spent eight years at investment bank Goldman Sachs before setting up a hedge fund called Eagleville Partners with two Goldman colleagues. They both were good friends in this way the wives clicked together and spoke warmly. Chelsea in February 2015 told that Ivanka is beautiful flawlessly and it is not skin deep. As the campaign hit up, she still considers her a close friend. They have been posing on the red carpet at events such as the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards .

They both graduated from Ivy League school. They have decided not to come together until the campaign ends of what is expected to be a gruesome campaign. They opt not to be seen together.  Each day now, there is a doubt if they are on good terms.

However, paparazzi has it that, Chelsea Clinton is expected of her delivery and Ivanka has given her a cute gift, that speaks they still are friends.

Chelsea and Ivanka at Election Campaigns

On their parent’s convention, both showed a difference, Chelsea was calm and has elegance. She kept her profile low and she was under the shade of her parents. Ivanka whereas has been called “a quiet power behind Trump’s throne” and her father’s better half. She was given freedom, though she had her billionaire father fulfilling everything.

Ivanka, however, is manipulative and savvy  as her answer regarding their friendship on a media that its daughter obligation to support and love parents and in the course of candidacy help and support each other’s parents. This shows Ivanka has inherited her father’s characters and unlike, Ivanka, Chelsea is calm and introvert.

As the president election approaches near, they aren’t coming together, however, their bond of friendship is at stake due to the extreme ongoing   campaign.

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