The Republican President-elect Donald Trump is soon going to succeed Barack Obama. While the two most important persons in the United States have been trying to seek each other lately, their equation wasn’t always the same. Donald Trump’s perspective towards Obama and his presidency has never been favorably positive.

Donald Trump doesn’t support President Obama

In March 2011, as Trump revealed his consideration of running for the US Presidency in Good Morning America, he expressed his doubt about the citizenship of Barack Obama. Trump even stressed on the rumour saying that the view should quickly be dismissed. Since then, the equation between Trump and Obama became loud.

In the same way, Trump has always criticised Obama’s policies. He called Obamacare a disaster and wants to replace it with a better and cheaper one. Likewise, he seems to be blaming Obama for creating an easy path for companies and jobs to move out of the country. And, Obama’s government is also implied to have stayed under shadow despite China’s currency manipulating policies and bad trade relationship with Mexico.

To overview this Trump’s case against Obama, he seems to blame Obama for almost everything. However, interestingly, he didn’t fail to use Obama’s 2008 speeches against Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Obama’s case against Trump

It’s not just Trump. Mr President also has some complaints against the to-be Mr President. As Trump revealed his intention of running for President in 2011, Obama was quick to respond to all that during the 2011 White House Correspondent Dinner. On that occasion, the comedian Seth Meyers and President Barack Obama continuously made jokes on Trump. Obama even made fun of Trump’s profession of real estate developing. Hence, Donald Trump looked vindictive, yet reactionless.

Throughout the election campaign 2016, Obama somehow managed to find some criticisable points about Trump. In the same way, Trump managed to backfire – maybe in speeches or on Twitter. Recently, Obama warned trump about listening to the intelligence and work accordingly for the benefits of the US.

Despite all the ongoing rivalry kind of relationship between Obama and Trump, they have finally started becoming rather professional – Trump is becoming more presidential and Obama is becoming more respectful.

Now, Trump has even started taking Obama’s suggestions to pick up new cabinet for the next four years. And, he has vowed to work closely and cooperatively to work with the White House President transition team. In an event in Louisiana, Trump discouraged the fans from booing Obama saying, “No, no—he’s really doing great. He’s been so nice.”

Although we heard some harsh rhetoric from both sides of the American political spectrum in this election, the major leaders are now shaking hands. At the end of the day, what matters is the welfare of America, as understood by both Obama and Trump.


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