US President Donald Trump remains firm in his rejection of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change , so it remains “an open topic” between the new US Administration and its international partners, as revealed on Friday The G-7 leaders gathered in the Italian town of Taormina.

“There is an open theme, which is the US position on the Paris climate agreement,” said Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. “All the others have confirmed their full agreement” on this matter but Trump insists on its refusal, he explained, hoping that “an internal reflection” will change his mind.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that the fight against climate change has sparked a “controversial” debate in which the other six world leaders sitting at the negotiating table have urged Trump to back this international treaty.

Trump has been critical of climate change , and although the White House has made it clear that he is not a negationist, he has put Scott Pruitt at the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, which makes him fear To withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.

The Government of Barack Obama signed and ratified the Paris Agreement administration Agreement, making the United States part of this international treaty. Thus, in order to be able to backtrack, it will have to notify its intention to the rest of member countries and to follow the process of withdrawal that establishes the own text.

The Paris Agreement marks a milestone in the fight against global warming because it is signed by 200 countries, including the United States and China, two of the world’s most polluting nations, increasing the chances of success of this environmental treaty.

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