For many Internet users, the first lady of the United States would hate Donald Trump and would be rejected against her will by the 45th president.

One of the great things about the web is that it’s never stingy in conspiracy theory, whether it’s on a man’s first landing in 1969, on September 11, 2001, or on Hollow Earth . The latest is nothing more than Melania Trump, wife of the newly elected US president.

No-love Affair

In analyzing several of her public appearances, including at the Donald Trump investiture ceremony, Internet users realized that the Slovenian model did not look happy in the presence of her husband. Worse still, they think Melania Trump is using the cameras to send distress signals. The most egregious example occurred at the investiture ceremony. In a short sequence, you see the 46-year-old woman smile at Donald Trump, before sinking into disarray once the latter returned.

Another “proof” noted by the Net surfers, when the couple descended from the plane some time before this same ceremony. While Donald Trump tries to hold his companion’s hand, she seems reluctant to let herself be let go.

And to break a last nail in the coffin, the “investigators” of the net have unveiled a video where we see the two lovers pretending to kiss.

In short, a series of events that worries so many Internet users that it makes others laugh. While many believe that Melania Trump is held against her will by Donald Trump, several protesters hastened to make fun of the situation at the Women’s March.

But once Melania Trump said in an telephone interview with Howard Stern that Donald is very good in bed!!!

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