We’d all like to know what’s in Donald Trump’s mind . While waiting for this to be possible, I propose to you already to look what it has in the bide. This has become possible since yesterday thanks to Surgeon Simulator . Because yes, it is indeed the Republican candidate in the White House who is on billiards time on a level. Have you ever tried to graft a Trump Tower to someone? Well, that will be the occasion.

This special level will allow you to practice a heart transplant at Donald Trump .Afterwards, the choice of grafting to him a heart in gold or a heart of stone belongs to you entirely. Moreover, the facetious developers of Bossa Studios are even amused to keep statistics on the decision of all the players.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, you will need Surgeon Simulator – Anniversary Edition which costs 13 € (but is currently on sale at 2,59 €). However, if you already own the game, you just need to upgrade it for 3 euros (update also on promotion for 0,59 €).

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