You can find lots of hilarious cartoon, meme, jokes and comic materials about Kellyanne Conway. Most of them came to existence because of her unusual remarks and terms like “Bowling Green Massacre” and “Alternative Facts” and “Microwave turning into cameras”. Conway’s knee bending position also had exploded twitter and her recent photo in blue hood

Previously, her inauguration dress had gained a lot of media and public attention. Donald Trump said her dress was legendary. She was heavily criticized and somewhere praised too. But that dress of her in American Flag was $3600 Gucci desiner dress. Some even call her war Barbie.

So, let’s see some of the funniest memes and cartoon jokes that is made on Kellyanne Conway. I’m sure you will laugh.

The followings are the tweets intended to satire Kellyanne Conway on her Bowling Green Massacre remarks.

The following are the tweets that were viral after her inspector gadget remark on TV.

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