Susanne Shore is the current First Lady of Nebraska who succeeded former First Lady Sally Ganem on January 8, 2015 as her husband, Pete Ricketts, took over Dave Heineman as Governor of Nebraska. Shore holds an undergraduate degree in English and a master’s degree in business.

Early Life and Education

Susanne Shore was born in Garden City, Kansas but spent most of her childhood in Oklahoma. Completing high school education, she joined Oklahoma State University for an undergraduate degree in English and post-graduate degree in business. Later, she joined Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska for a nursing degree.

Personal Life

As described by the First Lady herself, the first date with Pete Ricketts went very well – he was asincere, funny and shared taste for spicy food. That was when Susanne decided she would go out with him again. That decision has significantly changed her life.

Susanne Shore and Pete Ricketts married in 1997 in Omaha, Nebraska. The couple has three children: Roscoe, Eleanor, and Margot Ricketts.

Susanne Shore with her husband and three daughters.
Susanne Shore with her husband and three daughters.



Prior to joining nursing, Susanne was a newly graduated young woman who hopped from job to job. She worked for the Oklahoma State as a dorm manager, in Tulsa as a saleswoman and at the University of South Dakota as an assistant to the dean. As an assistant, Shore was heavily involved with counseling kids and guiding them through any sorts of problems or mistakes. Not being able to settle, Shore decided to do nursing.

Completing a year of nursing degree from Creighton University in Nebraska, Susanne joined St. Joseph’s Hospital as a nurse. Soon enough, she was married and had kids. This made her daily schedule hectic, hence compelling her to leave the job. In 1999, her husband Pete Ricketts became a billionaire – that means Shore leaving the job didn’t impact the family in any financial way.

Leaving the work, Susanne started working as an advocate for children. Primarily, she started volunteering at her kids’ schools and later joined Child Saving Institute with the pursuit of helping ‘neglected and abused children’. While at Child Saving Institute, Shore was also a chair of its board. Leaving ten years of service in the organization, Shore joined Douglas County CASA after being appointed as a special advocate for children by the court.

Susanne Shore recently held the position of a board member of Nebraska Families Collaborative. However, she had to leave the post in order to rule out any conflicts of interests.

Donald Trump and Susanne Shore

Susanne Shore is not a very political person, as she tends to change party affiliation whenever she likes. Interestingly, this is one trait that can also be found in Donald Trump’s party affiliation history. He has been a democrat, a Republican, a Reform supporter as well as an independent. However, Susanne Shore didn’t support Donald Trump for President. She donated $4,700 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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