Robin Pringle is the newly-wed wife of John Hickenlooper and First Lady of Colorado. She took office as Hickenlooper formally married her in January 2016. Reportedly, Pringle and Hickenlooper have an age difference of more than 25 years.

Early Life and Education

Robin Pringle was born in 1979 and was raised in the outskirts of San Francisco with three other siblings. Pringle’s mother was a teacher before she left to fully devote her time towards raising children. Her father is a famous private law practitioner.

Primarily, Pringle went to a local low-profile school in San Francisco. While going through the ninth year at high school, she secretly applied to a renowned boarding school, Phillips Exeter Academy. Only upon being accepted, she told her parents and relatives. Pringle recalls, “It was just this sheer determination to make it happen and I did. It gave me a sense of independence and it opened my mind to all sorts of possible experiences.”

Graduating from high school, Robin went on to study business in undergraduate education.

Personal Life

37-year-old Robin Pringle and 63-year-old John Hickenlooper married each other on 16 January 2016 in a small private ceremony at St. Andres Episcopal Church, Denver. They had been together for more than a year before Hickenlooper proposed Pringle for marriage during Christmas.

Robin Pringle and her husband's wedding photo.
Robin Pringle and her husband’s wedding photo.


Graduating from a business school, Pringle needed a job and was desperate to work at Liberty Media. Although the company never had a job opening, she kept going in for an interview. Fortunately, one day, someone quitted one of the places at Liberty Media and Pringle was summoned as a replacement. It would definitely be reasonable to say that Pringle landed a job in fluke.

Since Pringle started at Liberty Media, she has raised herself rapidly to the current position of vice president. Besides handling the business and commerce side of Liberty Media, Pringle leads Liberty Media’s Women’s eCommerce Network. The program is focused on empowering women entrepreneurship and provide them a platform to network with other business leaders.

For almost two years now, Pringle has been a member of Colorado Innovation Network which is aimed at inspiring entrepreneurship and creating jobs. Likewise, she is also a board member of Clyfford Still Museum.

Donald Trump and Robin Pringle

Robin Pringle has repeatedly stressed the fact that she is very much considerate about her husband’s public image as Governor of Colorado. That means she would definitely not tolerate any kind of probable critical statements from President Trump. However, given that Hickenlooper has vowed to support Trump administration, President Trump might not have much to say against him.


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