Ann Scott is the current First Lady of Florida who assumed the post on January 4, 2011 as her husband Rick Scott succeeded Charlie Crist as Governor of Florida. Ann and Rick have been together since high school.

Early Life and Education

Ann Scott was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1953. Raised in Texas, Scott was a student in the Class of 1970 at North Kansas City High School. Graduating from high school, Scott joined Southern Methodist University in Dallas for an undergraduate study in business.

Personal Life

First lady of Florida Ann Scott with her grand child.
First lady of Florida Ann Scott with her grand child.

As reported, Ann Holland and Rick Scott met in the senior year at high school. Shortly after graduating, they joined college and started thinking about marrying each other. Consequently, in 1972, 19-year-old Ann and 20-year-old Rick tied the secret nuptial knot.

Governor Rick Scott and wife Ann Scott with their grand child.
Governor Rick Scott and wife Ann Scott with their grand child.

Ann and Rick are parents to two children: Allison and Jordan. They also have three grandchildren: Auguste, Quinton and Sebastian.


Married at the age of 19, Ann Scott doesn’t seem to have a smooth career path. At some point, she was a professional interior designer, having explored her talent while designing her own home. Likewise, as described by Allison in father’s inaugural, Scott was also a volunteer at Liberty Youth Ranch which worked in support of vulnerable children. As Allison recalls, her mom was more like an ‘impeccably dressed stay-at-home mom’ who enjoyed taking her daughters for horse riding, clogging and dancing lessons.

Ann Scott with governor Rick Scott.
Ann Scott with governor Rick Scott.

As First Lady of Florida, Scott is indeed involved in several activities which have impacted the community on various levels. Primarily, Ann started working as an advocate and distributor of baby journals under one of Tallahassee’s hospitals. As the campaign gained its momentum, Scott became the champion of new moms and even gave her first solo news conference in 2012. Interestingly, she had always rejected news conferences and interviews in the past because of the fact that she feared public speaking.

Besides, Scott has kept herself busy as an inspirational woman leader, advocate for children and lover of arts and culture. For instance, she sometimes reads out story books to children at state parks and likes talking about murals and canvas paintings.

Donald Trump and Ann Scott

Florida First Lady Ann Scott has always been a shy woman who doesn’t like to appear on public media. Hence, she hasn’t yet made comments on any of Trump’s remarks. On the other hand, we do not know how Trump sees Scott. However, so far, the relationship between President Donald Trump and Governor Scott is flourishing. Although Scott didn’t express any intention of serving in Trump administration, he said that he sees a friend for Florida in Trump.


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