Janet Holcomb is the incumbent First Lady of Indiana who assumed office on January 9, 2017 as her husband Eric Holcomb succeeded Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana. Holcomb is also an adept shooter and a graduate in fine arts.

Early Life and Education

Janet Holcomb was born in Muncie, Indiana. Growing up in the same town, she was very much interested in creativity and arts since the high school. For further education, Holcomb decided to pursue fine arts at Ball State University.

Personal Life

Janet Holcomb is married to Governor Eric Holcomb. She runs a family business in Madison County and currently lives with her husband in Indiana Governor’s Mansion at Meridian Street, Indianapolis.

As per an interview, Holcomb had never thought that she would ever serve as the First Lady of Indiana. Although she is always accompanied by security guards, Holcomb says that she doesn’t feel any special about being in that position.

Janet Halcomb in the swear in of her husband as the governor of Indiana.
Janet Halcomb in the swear in of her husband as the governor of Indiana.

As hobby, Holcomb likes to go for shooting and gardening. In regard to her husband, Holcomb says, “He’s funny and his sense of humor comes across. He keeps things light and fun around the office. He keeps people engaged.”


Janet Holcomb is a businesswoman who has attained encouraging and inspirational feats in her lifetime. Hailing from a business family, Holcomb seemed a bit off-track when she joined fine arts during the university years. Anyway, she later went back to business and has worked in various positions at different levels ever since.

Holcomb helped R&R Engineering to keep hold of its 47-year-old legacy of distributing bolts and fasteners as its vice president. During her time at the manufacturing company, R&R Engineering has gained its market share, mainly in the US and Canada. Besides business, Holcomb was also involved in numerous social activities in the past. As a business-minder person, she has been handy in raising funds for several organizations that focus on ‘arts, animal welfare, veterans, scouting and social services’.

Janet Holcomb is also an adept shooter and a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). As a strong supporter of the second amendment, Holcomb advocates for proper gun ownership and even acts as an NRA instructor. She has done shooting and gun safety classes, mainly for women sports. Talking about the story behind Holcomb’s unusual interest in guns, she tells that it all started when a thief broke into her house and managed to steal credit cards.

Donald Trump and Janet Holcomb

President Donald Trump and First Lady Janet Holcomb haven’t yet confronted each other on any political and economic issues. Moreover, Holcomb is yet to sort out the area she will be working on for the next four years. Hence, at the moment, it’s hard to define how Trump and Holcomb’s ideologies will get along.

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