Marc Mezvinsky is the husband of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton‘s daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Professionally, Mezvinsky is an investment banker and a co-founder of Eaglevale Partners. Eaglevale is a hedge fund managing company based in Manhattan, New York.

Early Life and Education

Marc Mezvinsky was born on December 15, 1977 to father Edward and mother Marjorie Margolies. Edward Mezvinsky is a businessman who was convicted of embezzling around $10 million via various faulty schemes. Marc’s mother, Marjorie, is a former television reporter. As his father was found guilty of embezzlement, the family went bankrupt. Indeed, it was a bad start for Marc’s career.

Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mezvinsky went to Stanford University for undergraduate studies in religion and philosophy. Later, he joined the University of Oxford for a master’s degree in politics and economics.

Personal Life

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton met in 1993 in Hilton Head, South Carolina. As the two grew up, they attended Stanford but in different classes. Eventually, the couple started dating in 2005.

Marc and Chelsea have been married to each other since 2010. The couple has two children: Charlotte and Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky. The Mezvinsky family lives in Flatiron District. Previously, they lived around Gramercy Park and NoMad area of Manhattan.


Graduating from Stanford and Oxford, Marc Mezvinsky started working as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs. He worked there for eight consecutive years and quitted in the pursuit of joining an equity firm. As the new workplace didn’t work very well for the banker, he quitted and joined Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon’s idea of starting a hedge fund company. As of 2011, the hedge fund company titled Eaglevale Partners was established in Manhattan, New York.

In 2014, Marc Mezvinsky and his team ventured into the tumultuous financial market of Greece. Reportedly, the Greek-focussed Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity started failing which, in turn, pushed a knock-on effect on the parent company. As Hellenic fund lost 90% value, the Eaglevale Partners saw a huge decline in its value by May 2016. Yet, the company was managing $330 million at that time. Unfortunately, the company had to be shut down in December 2016.

As in the news, 39-year-old Marc is currently out of work.

Donald Trump and Marc Mezvinsky

Marc is a Democrat like many of his relatives, including Hillary and Bill Clinton. His wife, Chelsea Clinton, is supposedly a good friend of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. However, Trump’s sons do not seem to have any relation with either Clinton or Marc.

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