Diana Rauner is the current First Lady of Illinois who assumed office on January 12, 2015 as her businessman husband Bruce Rauner succeeded Pat Quinn as Governor of Illinois. Diana is an impartial woman leader who has gained a huge fame after suing her husband’s government.

Personal Life

First Lady is an American-born social leader who is currently married to businessman Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner. Having been married since 1994, the couple has three children. The Rauner family resides in Winnetka, Illinois and Illinois Executive Mansion, Springfield.

First Lady Diana Rauner recently joined Twitter under the name @ILFirstLady and even wished her husband and Governor of Illinois a warm happy birthday.

Diana Rauner with her loving husband Eric Rauner.
Diana Rauner with her loving husband Eric Rauner.

As First Lady

Prior to being the First Lady of Illinois, Diana Rauner was a relatively unknown figure in the American society. However, since taking office in 2015, Rauner’s reputation and fame has skyrocketed. Alongside fame, her involvement in community and social works have increased significantly.

On Thanksgiving Day, Diana Rauner and her husband Bruce Rauner attended a brunch at A Safe Haven. On that day, the brunch organised by A Safe Haven hosted around 400 homeless people and were served with food, including Turkey and other fixings. Governor Bruce Rauner spoke during the banquet, “We’re very blessed in Chicago and the State of Illinois who dedicate their lives to giving back and helping those in need. The Good Lord put us on earth to do his work, to help each other, and work together to make the world a better place, which is exactly what Neli and the staff at A Safe Haven are doing every day. Diana and I are honored to support this wonderful organization and the excellent work they do on behalf of our community.”

Likewise, Diana Rauner is currently supporting early childhood initiatives, having been motivated during a visit to Dennis Early Childhood Center. Moreover, she acclaimed Rockford Public Schools for engaging in such a life-changing program. Besides all these, Rauner’s major work has been in the Ounce of Prevention Fund. As President of the organisation, Rauner has been collaborating with the Illinois government to ensure a successful future for children based in the state. However, the program has been shaken by a recent break up of government contracts to the Ounce of Prevention Fund. As a result, First Lady Diana Rauner is leading a lawsuit case against her husband’s government.

Donald Trump and Diana Rauner

As a member of the Republican Party, Diana Rauner might appear supportive to the Donald Trump administration. However, her husband has opposed many of Trump’s executive orders and proposed policies.

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