Chris Sununu is the current Governor of New Hampshire who took office on January 5, 2017 as the successor of Maggie Hassan. Formerly, he was a member of the New Hampshire Executive Council (2011 – 2017). He was succeeded by Russell Prescott.

Early Life and Education

Chris Sununu was born on November 5, 1974 as one of the eight children of John H. and Nancy. His father, John H., was a Governor of New Hampshire and also served as White House Chief of Staff. Raised in a Christian family, Chris went to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology for early education. Later, he joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for an undergraduate degree in engineering.

Personal Life

Governor Chris Sununu and his wife Valerie
Governor Chris Sununu and his wife Valerie

Just 42 years old now, Chris Sununu is married to wife Valerie and has three children. The family lives in Newfields, New Hampshire.

As hobby, Sununu likes to ski and play rugby.


As an MIT graduate, Sununu joined the waste management companies as an environmental engineer with expertise in landfill, wastewater management, and soil remediation. The career lasted only for 8 years. Then, he ventured into the business world. Leaving environmental engineering side in 2006, he started his company called Sununu Enterprises which mainly focussed on real estate and technological start-ups. In 2010, he and his colleagues invested in Waterville Valley Resort and started expanding the famous ski resort.

Following 2010 elections, Chris Sununu entered the New Hampshire Executive Council by defeating Beverly Hollingworth with 55.9% votes. In 2012, he won another term at the office against Democrat Bill Duncan with 55.2% votes. In 2013, Sununu again saw a triumph over Democrat candidate Robin McLane with 61.6% votes.

As a member of the Executive Council for six consecutive years or three consecutive terms, Sununu has been able to attain some significant feats. He was an important contributor to devising 10-Year Highway Plan for New Hampshire. Likewise, he collaborated with state Attorney general and financial institutions to introduce Home Help in order to reduce financial distress among the citizens. Also, Sununu worked towards bringing about a positive change in Medicaid. He reviewed the proposal hearings and supported the welfare of Medicaid recipients suffering from chronic diseases. Sununu opposed and urged the governor to not vote for a $292-million proposal for Medicaid amendment.

Chris Sununu is currently the Governor of New Hampshire, having succeeded Maggie Hassan on January 5, 2017.

Donald Trump and Chris Sununu

President Donald Trump and Governor Sununu have a strong relationship between each other. Even when all the other Republicans backed off after women-abuse video release, Chris remained side by side to Trump and urged other Republicans to come and unite with the party. After this decision of Sununu, many accused him of ‘dodging the issues’.



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