Corey Lewandowski is an american political operative . Corey recently joined CNN as a politcal commentator . In the past lewnadowski has worked as a lobbyist in several campaign . As talking of corey there is no actual proofs of his networth .

But according to CNN that they have disclose on the air to their viewers that Corey Lewandowski is a paid plant who remains on the Trump campaign’s payroll. Corey is rcently doing a new job in CNN where CNN is paying $200k per year to Lewandowski .

According to the sources though Corey has been removed from the trumps campaign he will still be paid. Sources said that Lewandowski managed to accumulate half a million dollar as his earnings as trumps campaign manager. He took $500,000 which includes his total bonuses and salary. The campaign’s deal with him was to pay his $20,000 per month after his tenure till the end of the year.

There had been questions that if Trump pays his campaign members or not. But Corey has agreed that he’s got every penny that he deserves.

Corey Lewandowski is married to Alison Lewandowski.

Now, Kellyanne Conway is the new  campaign manager of Donald Trump’s Campaign who is married to George Conway II.


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