Corey Lewandowski was the campaign manager for Republican presidential frontrunner for promoting Donald Trump. He earned the job with no efforts in December 2014 at Trump Tower and   for his answer he will work harder to others who showed up for the post.He was replaced by Kellyanne Conway.

Corey who age is 43 was the national director of voter registration for Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group before he became the campaign manager for Trump’s.

He got fired recently when Ivanka Trump found out his activities in defaming her father’s image.

He has faced many accusations as calling girls at nights   to be intimate with him. During his charge for the Trump’s, he was praised by Trump .It has been said that he grabbed Breitbart, reporter, Michelle Field nearly throwing her to the ground during a press conference. Field documented a criminal protestation with police and he was charged with battery by police. Trump supported Corey even when the video evidence envisaged his accusation live unravelling his guilt.

Corey Lewandowski and his love story with wife Alison Hardy

Corey’s did not get his love of life easily, it has a story weaved.  Lewandowski met Alison Hardy when he was in ninth grade and she was in eighth; he was in high school freshman. They dated in high school and college. In 1998, she wed one of Lewandowski’s best friends, Brian Kinney. She lost her first husband on September 9/11 attack. Kinney had boarded United Airlines Flight 175 at Boston’s Logan International Airport to meet a client in California. Alison is a 2nd-grade teacher at Tyngsborough Elementary School in Tyngsborough, MA.

Corey Lewandowski lives with his wife, Alison, and their four young children in Windham, New Hampshire. They have three sons and a daughter aged   4 and 9, according to the New Hampshire Business Review.

He says that balancing a political life and family life is difficult. He knows his wife 28 years now. He says his hectic work schedule is easier because he had a great support system at home. Even though his wife is busy with kids, she still manages to do the job and support him. It is even believed his email address is used by his wife to contact her people.

Corey Lewandowski after being fired; now a CNN Political commentator

After being fired, he sat for multiple TV interviews, including a 29-minute interview with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Lewandowski has joined CNN as a political commentator. He is one of the paid commentator and advocates for Trump’s campaign. His hiring was also controversial because he has earned a bad fame for being hostile towards journalists. Since joining CNN, he has been attacking the Republican’s opponents such as bringing up Trumps’ racist birther attack on President Obama. It is still believed he has been advising Trump.

So   on-air network, it has been the first time who had been fired by the boss, will commentate as a supporter to Trump and regular commentary on Trump, on the ongoing presidential election. The former campaign manager   is subject to a “nondisclosure agreement” that prohibits him from affronting Donald Trump or any of his family member.



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