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To express that President Donald Trump has an agreeable relationship with reality would be a gross unassuming portrayal of reality. He has on and on referred to uncovered jumpy thoughts, pushed voter distortion myths, and adorned his record and accomplishments. The deluge of untruths has been irate to the point that reporters have taken to issuing minute conviction checks in the midst of question and answer sessions and getting out false explanations in the midst of connection news imparts.

All presidents lie, yet lying so improperly hence as frequently as conceivable about even silly goodies like his golf delight has put Trump in his own particular arrangement. His indiscretion for the truth is reflected in his top colleagues, who have swelled adequately negated figures like the interest at his acquaintance and even refered with dread attacks that never happened.

The Huffington Post took after the all-inclusive community remarks of Trump and his partners to arrange an once-over of 100 scenes of appalling duplicities. Still, it is likely the association has made numerous other beguiling and distorted cases.

1. White House press secretary Sean Spicer wrongly attested the gathering on the National Mall was “largest audience gather in history of inauguration.” (Jan. 21)

2. Trump insincerely ensured that the pack for his swearing-in reached out down the National Mall to the Washington Monument and totaled more than 1 million people. (Jan. 21)

3. As Trump warmly checked on his Inauguration Day, he said it quit sprinkling “immediately” when he began his talk. A light rain continued falling all through the address. (Jan. 21)

4. During his talk at CIA focal station, Trump declared the media made up his battle with the workplace. Undoubtedly, he started it by standing out the understanding gathering from “Nazi Germany.” (Jan. 21)

5. During his talk at CIA focal station, Trump reiterated the claim that he “might not want to go into Iraq.” He unveiled to Howard Stern in 2002 that he maintained the Iraq War. (Jan. 21)

6. During his talk at CIA headquarters, Trump said he had the “untouched record ever. … I’ve been on it for 15 times this year.” Trump had been highlighted on the magazine an aggregate of 11 times. (Jan. 21)

7. Trump ensured that his presentation drew 11 million a greater number of watchers than Barack Obama‘s in 2013. It didn’t, and viewership for Obama’s first start, in 2009, was altogether higher. (Jan. 22)

8. Spicer said in the midst of his first press planning that there has been a “hair-raising advancement of the administration workforce starting late.” This is false. (Jan. 23)

9. While pushing back against the possibility of a split between the CIA and Trump, Spicer ensured the president had gotten a “five-minute overpowering praise” at the association’s home office. He didn’t. The members were in like manner never made a demand to sit down. (Jan. 23)

10. Spicer ensured that “a colossal number of people” saw the start on the web. Really, around 4.6 million did. (Jan. 23)

11. Trump uncovered to CBN News that 84 percent Cuban-Americans voted for him. It’s not clear where Trump got that number. According to the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of Cuban-Americans in Florida voted for him. (Jan. 23)

12. While meeting with congressional pioneers, Trump reiterated an uncovered claim that he simply lost the national common vote in perspective of no matter how you look at it voter blackmail. (Jan. 24)

13. In remarks with business pioneers at the White House, Trump expressed, “I’m a noteworthy individual as to the earth. I have gotten allows on the earth.” There is no affirmation that Trump has become such respects. (Jan. 24)

14. In denoting an official notice asking for the improvement of the Keystone pipeline, Trump said the wander would make 28,000 advancement livelihoods. According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, the pipeline would make a normal 16,000 occupations, most of which are not advancement livelihoods. (Jan. 25)

15. Spicer said in a press planning that Trump got more selective votes than any Republican since Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Greenery won 426 selective votes in 1988, more than Trump’s 304. (Jan. 24)

16. In remarks he gave at the Homeland Security Department, Trump said Immigration and Customs Enforcement and edge watch masters “reliably upheld me for president.” That’s not legitimate. (Jan. 25)

17. Spicer said in the midst of a press directions that a draft official demand on CIA prisons was not a “White House record.” Citing three association specialists, The New York Times itemized that the White House had streamed the draft organize among national security staff people. (Jan. 25)

18. In a meeting with ABC, Trump again ensured he “had the best assembling of individuals ever.” False. (Jan. 25)

19. Trump ensured in the midst of a meeting with ABC that the hero worship he got at CIA base camp “was the best overpowering praise since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl.” It wasn’t even a staggering adulation. (Jan. 25)

20. In a meeting with ABC, Trump ambushed the Affordable Care Act and said there are “countless that now aren’t secured any more.” Twenty million people have grabbed prosperity scope because of the law up until this point. The assessed 2 million people who did not qualify under the law got waivers that kept the courses of action going until the complete of 2017. (Jan. 25)

21. At the GOP pull back in Philadelphia, Trump ensured he and the pioneer of Mexico “agreed” to scratch off their arranged meeting. Enrique Peña Nieto said he had wiped out it. (Jan. 26)

22. At the GOP pull back in Philadelphia, Trump said the national murder rate was “outrageously extending.” It is down basically. (Jan. 26)

23. On Twitter, Trump reiterated his false case that 3 million votes were unlawful in the midst of the race. (Jan. 27)

24. In a meeting on “Extraordinary Morning America,” Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway said Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter, had revealed to her she was “not enrolled to vote in two communicates.” A close-by race official attested to NBC News twice that the more young Trump in reality was. (Jan. 27)

25. Trump said he foreseen the assumed “Brexit” when he was in Scotland the day going before the vote. He was truly there the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. (Jan. 27)

26. Trump ensured The New York Times lost endorsers “in light of the fact that their perusers even like me.” The Times experienced a sharp uptick in supporters after Election Day. (Jan. 27)

27. Trump stated two people were mortally shot in Chicago in the midst of Obama’s last talk as president. That didn’t happen. (Jan. 27)

28. Trump attested that under past associations, “if you were a Muslim you could come in, yet if you were a Christian, it was for all intents and purposes inconceivable.” frankly, about a similar number of Christian uprooted individuals were admitted to the U.S. as Muslim uprooted individuals in money related year 2016. (Jan. 27)

29. Trump watched the briskness of his relocation organize in light of the way that dread based oppressors would have dashed into the country if he had given the world seven days’ notice. Despite the likelihood that dread based oppressors expected to attack the pariah program or the visa program, they would have expected to hold up months or even years while being considered to get into the country. (Jan. 30)

30. The White House kept up that Trump’s relocation mastermind did not have any kind of effect to green card holders and that was “the bearing from the most punctual beginning stage.” Initially, the White House said the demand included green card holders. (Jan. 30)

31. Trump said his development demand was “like what President Obama did in 2011 when he confined visas for evacuees from Iraq for six months.” Obama’s course of action obstructed resettlement of outcasts from Iraq, yet did not shield them from entering the country. Furthermore, it hailed the seven countries fused into Trump’s ask for as detects the U.S. considered dangerous to visit. (Jan. 30)

32. Spicer said that “taking all things into account,” Trump has been “praised” for his declaration perceiving the Holocaust. Each major Jewish affiliation, including the Republican Jewish Coalition, denounced it for barring a specific references to the Jewish people or antagonistic to Semitism. (Jan. 30)

33. A Trump association official called the utilization of Trump’s travel blacklist a “huge case of conquering difficulty.” Not honest to goodness ― energetic adolescents, elderly people and U.S. green card holders were kept for a significant period of time. Some were removed subsequent to touching base in the U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) even denounced the rollout as “perplexing.” (Jan. 30)

34. Spicer thought about White House instructor Steve Bannon‘s course of action to the National Security Council Principals Committee with Obama advisor David Axelrod going to social events identifying with remote approach. Axelrod, in any case, never sat on the Principals Committee. (Jan. 30)

35. Spicer said people would have “overpowered” into the country with notice early of Trump’s relocation mastermind. Not honest to goodness. (Jan. 30)

36. Spicer requested that restrictive 109 voyagers were kept in light of Trump’s movement mastermind. More than 1,000 legitimate interminable inhabitants expected to get waivers before entering the U.S. A normal 90,000 people through and through were affected by the blacklist. (Jan. 30)

37. Trump tweeted the false case that “selective 109 people out of 325,000 were bound and held for tending to.” (Jan. 30)

38. Trump expected acclaim for cutting $600 million from the F-35 program. In any case, Lockheed Martin starting at now had become prepared for the cost diminishments for the front line military flying machine. (Jan. 31)

39. Trump pointed the finger at China for controlling its money by playing “the cash grandstand. They play the debasing business segment, and we remain there like a gathering of fakers.” According to The Washington Post, the United States is never again being hurt by China’s money control, and China is no longer corrupting its cash. (Jan. 31)

40. In ensuring the GOP’s blockade of Merrick Garland, Obama’s picked one to the Supreme Court, Spicer said no president had ever chosen a value “so late” in his term. It in advance happened three conditions. (Jan. 31)

41. Spicer more than once requested in the midst of an open meeting that Trump’s authentic demand on movement was “not a blacklist.” During a Q&A event the earlier night, regardless, Spicer himself suggested the demand as a “blacklist.” So did the president. (Jan. 31)

42. White House experts denied reports that Trump told Peña Nieto that U.S. qualities would manage the “terrible hombres down there” if the Mexican masters don’t. It attested the examination the next day, keeping up the remark was proposed to be “lighthearted.” (Jan. 31)

43. Trump ensured that Delta, mavericks and the tears of Sen. Throw Schumer (D-N.Y.) were to be blamed for the issues over his travel blacklist. Honestly, his association was for the most part considered to blame for issues related with its rollout. (Jan. 31)

44. Trump said the Obama association “assented to take a colossal number of unlawful outsiders from Australia.” The course of action truly included 1,250 evacuees. (Feb. 1)

45. Trump said the U.S. “has the most liberal relocation structure on the planet.” Not by and large. (Feb. 2)

46. Trump said the U.S. was giving Iran $150 billion for “nothing” under the Iranian nuclear game plan. The money was by then Iran’s in any case, and the plan pieces Iran from building a nuclear bomb. (Feb. 2)

47. Spicer called a U.S. ambush in Yemen, “outstandingly well altogether considered and executed effort” and depicted it as a “productive operation by all standards.” U.S. military specialists uncovered to Reuters the operation was insisted “without sufficient learning, ground support, or palatable fortification courses of action.” (Feb. 2)

48. Spicer said that Iran had attacked a U.S. oceanic vessel, as a part of his conflict guarding the association’s aggressive announcement that Iran is “on notice.” honestly, a suspected Houthi revolt transport struck a Saudi vessel. (Feb. 2)

49. In his meeting with union pioneers at the White House, Trump ensured he won union families. He never won white union families. (Feb. 2)

50. Conway refered to the “Bowling Green Massacre” to watch Trump’s travel blacklist. It never happened. (Feb. 3)

51. Conway said refering to the nonexistent “Bowling Green Massacre” to watch Trump’s development demand was a unintentional “slip.” But she had mentioned
it twice going before that meeting. (Feb. 3)

52. Trump positively shared a story on his power Facebook page which ensured that Kuwait issued a visa blacklist for five Muslim-predominant part countries. Kuwait issued a declaration totally denying it. (Feb. 3)

53. Trump affirmed people are “pouring in” after his development demand was unexpectedly suspended. Voyagers and pariahs can’t simply rush into the U.S. without expansive and broad checking. (Feb. 5)

54. After a judge halted his development blacklist, Trump ensured that “anyone, even with ghastly points, can now come into the U.S.” Not certifiable. (Feb. 5)

55. Spicer said the country over difficulties of Trump abhorrence disagrees the easygoing social gathering held, and called them “an especially paid AstroTurf-sort improvement.” Although Democrats have profited from the response against Trump by organizing, the massive supports across over numerous urban zones the country over ― which every so often have been unconstrained ― proposes they are a bit of a characteristic ponder. (Feb. 6)

56. During a meeting with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his uncovered claim of in all cases voter coercion in the midst of the presidential choice. There is no affirmation of expansive voter coercion. Republican and Democratic state experts have said to such an extent, as have Trump’s own particular fight attorneys. (Feb. 6)

57. During a meeting with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his false claim that he has “been against the war in Iraq from the soonest beginning stage.” (Feb. 6)

58. Conway said she would not appear on CNN’s “State of the Union” because of “family” reasons. CNN, in any case, said the White House offered Conway as a differentiating alternative to Vice President Mike Pence and that the framework had “go” in light of stresses over her “legitimacy.” (Feb. 6)

59. Spicer ensured CNN “pulled back” its illumination of why it declined to take Conway for a Sunday show appearance. CNN said it never did in that capacity. (Feb. 6)

60. Trump refered to ambushes in Boston, Paris, Orlando, Florida, and Nice, France, as instances of dread based persecution the media has not secured palatably. “Generally speaking, the, to a great degree corrupt press wouldn’t care to report it,” he said at CENTCOM. Those attacks aggregated one end to the next TV scope, and also a substantial number of news articles in print and on the web. (Feb. 6)

61. The White House released an all the more clearing summary of mental activist attacks it acknowledged “did not get tasteful thought from Western media sources.” Again, the once-over consolidates strikes that were comprehensively secured by the media. (Feb. 6)

62. Trump said shelter urban zones “breed wrongdoing.” FBI data demonstrates that wrongdoing in asylum urban territories is all around lower than in nonsanctuary urban groups. (Feb. 6)

63. Trump stated The New York Times was “constrained to apologize to its endorsers for the poor uncovering it did on my choice win.” The paper has not issued such a declaration of regret. (Feb. 6)

64. Trump declared the murder rate is the most vital it’s been in 47 years. The murder rate rose 10.8 percent over the United States in 2015, however it’s far lower than it was 30 to 40 years earlier. (Feb. 7)

65. Spicer cleared up that the deferment in dropping Obamacare was a result of the White House expecting to work with Congress. Not in any way like in the midst of the Obama association, he confirmed, the lawmaking body ― not the White House ― was standing out on human administrations. Diverse congressional sheets of trustees managed drafting different types of the bill that would transform into the Affordable Care Act ― a broad strategy that expected control over a year. (Feb. 7)

66. Trump pointed the finger at Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) of misshaping “what Judge Neil Gorsuch let him know” in light of the president’s strikes against the lawful. Gorsuch called Trump’s tweets striking government judges “dispiriting.” An agent for Gorsuch insisted the judge’s remarks. (Feb. 9)

67. Trump has again and again said he doesn’t watch CNN. Regardless, he expected to in order to see and offer and appraisal on the framework’s meeting with Blumenthal. (Feb. 9)

68. Former national security expert Michael Flynn has said that phone calls he made to Russia going before Trump’s presentation were not related to approvals. According to a Washington Post report, in any case, Flynn held private talks with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, before Trump took office, suggesting that approvals against Moscow would be encouraged by the moving toward association. (Feb. 9)

69. Trump accepted acclaim for Ford’s decision not to open a vehicle plant in Mexico and rather augment its Michigan plant. The association said Trump was not responsible for its decision. (Feb. 9)

70. Trump told a room overflowing with government authorities that “thousands” of “unlawful” voters had been collided with New Hampshire to cast tickets. There is no evidence of such a claim. (Feb. 11)

71. During a meeting with ABC’s “This Week,” White House senior approach assistant Stephen Miller deceptively said the “issue of transporting voters into New Hampshire is for the most part known by any person who’s worked in New Hampshire authoritative issues.” Again, not real. (Feb. 11)

72. Miller refered to the “dumbfounding” estimation that 14 percent of noncitizens are enrolled to vote. The audit the detail relies on upon has been extremely tested. (Feb. 11)

73. Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was “cut off” on CNN for “using the term fake news the delineate the framework.” The delegate was fooling and he was not cut off. (Feb. 12)

74. Trump rebuked the media for declining to give insights in regards to “colossal crowds of energized supporters covering the road” in Florida. There were two or three supporters, be that as it may they were limitlessly overshadowed by a few free thinkers. (Feb. 12)

75. White House experts told reporters that Flynn settled all alone to clear out. Regardless, Spicer said in the midst of a press directions that the president asked for that Flynn take off. (Feb. 13)

76. Trump denied in a January meeting that he or anyone on his fight had any contact with Russia before the race. Regardless, The New York Times and CNN both point by point that Trump fight experts and accomplices “had repeated contacts with senior Russian learning specialists” before Nov. 8. (Feb. 15)

77. Spicer denied in a consistently arrangement that anyone on the Trump fight had any contact with Russian experts. (Feb. 15)

78. Trump complained he “procured a disaster area” subsequent to being decided to office. The share exchanging framework is experiencing record highs, the economy is enduring and creating, and unemployment is low. (Feb. 16)

79. Trump faced off regarding his association is experiencing turmoil, telling journalists it is working like an “aligned machine.” His terrible travel blacklist has been suspended by the courts, a Cabinet picked one was constrained to pull back his task, and Trump’s national security direct surrendered after under four weeks at work. (Feb. 16)

80. Trump said his 306 Electoral College votes was the best optional votes triumph since Ronald Reagan. Obama got 332 votes in 2012. (Feb. 16)

81. Trump said his first weeks in office “addressed a momentous month of action.” Obama completed extensively more in the midst of his first weeks in office. (Feb. 16)

82. Defending himself from charges of lacking honesty on the matter of breaks ― which he a great part of the time celebrated when they identified with his campaign confinement however now denounces ― Trump said that WikiLeaks does not uncover “masterminded information.” It does, regularly anonymously. (Feb. 16)

83. Trump repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of American uranium to the Russians in a course of action in the midst of her residency as secretary of state. Not bona fide. (Feb. 16)

84. Trump said pharmaceuticals are “getting the chance to be particularly less costly than a bit of sweet.” They are definitely not. (Feb. 16)

85. Trump said his association had a “to a great degree smooth rollout of the travel blacklist.” His development made tumult at the nation’s plane terminals and has been suspended by the courts. (Feb. 16)

86. Trump said the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is in “confuse” and “turmoil.” It is certainly not. (Feb. 16)

87. Flynn deluded FBI operators in a Jan. 24 meet about whether he discussed approvals with Russian experts before Trump’s presentation, as showed by The Washington Post. (Feb. 16)

88. Trump deceptively suggested at a Florida rally that Sweden had persevered through a dread strike the night before his talk. It had not, and Trump was likely insinuating a Fox News piece on wrongdoing in Sweden. (Feb. 18)

89. During his Florida rally, Trump reiterated his false claim that the United States has starting at now let in a considerable number of people who “there was no genuine approach to vet.” Refugees encounter the most exhaustive checking system of any vagrants admitted to the United States, much of the time holding up upwards of two years to be cleared for segment. (Feb. 18)

90. White House head of staff Reince Priebus said in a “Fox News Sunday” meet that Trump “has completed more in the underlying 30 days than people can recall.” Obama accomplished impressively more in the midst of his first weeks in office. (Feb. 19)

91. Trump said in the midst of his campaign that he would simply play golf with heads of state and business pioneers, not associates and popular individuals like Obama did. Trump has played golf with world pioneers like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Most starting late, in any case, he hit the associations with golf ace Rory McIlroy, International Sports Management’s Nick Mullen and his buddy Rich Levine. (Feb. 19)

92. A White House delegate told columnists that Trump simply played a “couple” of openings at his golf resort in Florida. Following a day, as reports turned out saying the president had played 18 holes with Mcllroy, the White House surrendered he played “longer.” (Feb. 19)

93. Trump said the media is “endeavoring to state generous scale movement in Sweden is working out just consummately. NOT!” Sweden’s wrongdoing rate has fallen starting late, and experts there don’t think its development methodologies are associated with wrongdoing. (Feb. 20)

94. Spicer said Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) asked for a meeting with Trump at the White House. John Weaver, a past fight partner of the congressperson, said the president asked for the meeting. (Feb. 21)

95. Vice President Mike Pence called Obamacare “an occupation killer.” Overall, work advancement has been continuing since it was set apart into law. Besides, amount of unwilling low upkeep businesses has similarly gone down, regardless of GOP cases. (Feb. 22)

96. Trump ensured that he masterminded $1 billion in venture assets to make two new Boeing Co. planes to fill in as the accompanying Air Force One. The Air Force can’t speak to that number. (Feb. 22)

97. During a meeting with the country’s CEOs at the White House, Trump guaranteed his new financial guide Gary Cohn “paid $200 million in expense” to take a vocation at the White House. Cohn didn’t need to pay charges, he needed to offer more than $200 million of Goldman Sachs stock. (Feb. 23)

98. Trump guaranteed there were “six pieces” worth of individuals holding up to get into the Conservative Political Action Conference to see him. Individuals filled just three flood rooms. (Feb. 24)

99. At CPAC, Trump said that Obamacare covers “not very many individuals.” Nearly 20 million individuals have gotten medical coverage under the law. (Feb. 24)

100. At CPAC, Trump said organizations like Intel were making business interests in the United States due to his decision. The organization arranged their new speculations before the race. (Feb. 24

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