Last updated on June 8th, 2018 at 10:26 am

Not surprisingly, Jimmy Kimmel attacked Donald Trump very quickly with his words in the 89th Academy Awards function.

After he more than once hit Trump in his Oscars monolog, Kimmel spent his first transitional section ridiculing the president for calling the media “fake news.”

Kimmel inquired as to whether anybody from CNN, the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times were in the building, and afterward requested that they all leave as a joke.

“We have no resistance for fake news,” said Kimmel, including, “Fake tans we love.”

The comedian went ahead to make more fun and said that anyone who works for an association with “Times” in the name ― including “Medieval Times” ― was do not welcome anymore.

Individuals on Twitter appeared to especially like the shoutout to the famous knight-themed supper theater setting.

We don’t know now how Trump is gonna react about this but definitely, he is gonna be mad or tweet something crazy. As he always does.

You can see all his crazy tweets here.

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