Charles Kushner is a real estate billionaire businessman who founded Kushner Companies three decades ago. Jared Kushner, the current principal owner of Kushner Companies and Observer Media, is the eldest son of Charles Kushner. So far, the Kushner family seems to have a good relation with the Trump family.

Jared Kushner married the model daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, in 2009. This marital relationship shows a mutual understanding in the Trump-Kushner family. Hadn’t Charles Kushner and Donald Trump had a good rapport, they wouldn’t ever be happy with the marriage, would they?

Charles is one of the richest man in New Jersey with a net worth of around $1.1 billion. On the other hand, Trump is considered to be one of the richest on earth with holdings of $3.7 billion. Both of these business tycoons have faced several accusations of tax evasion and illegal campaign contributions. While Kushner’s misdeeds have ended with a jail sentence, Trump has always been able to escape those. He hasn’t revealed his tax returns yet even after so many intimidating media statements.

Donald Trump and Charles Kushner relationship

The Kushner-Trump relationship gets more interesting when we come to the US Presidential Election 2016. Kushner, an all-time donor for Democrats changed his ideologies this time. Perhaps, he too believes in Trump’s agenda – like other 50 million Americans – of making America great again.

Reportedly, Charles Kushner even hosted a fund-raising event for Trump’s campaign at his own $6.7-million home. Keeping aside all the other donations and facilitating, Kushner gave $100, 000 just for MAGA PAC. This indeed shows an optimistic positive attitude of Kushner towards Trump.

On the other side, Charles may not be very much happy with Trump and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s rapidly building relation. Kushner and Christie have been adversaries since Chris spoke against him Kushner in federal court. Watch the video above to know more about the case.  However, neither of them – Trump, Christie or Kushner – think about that incident anymore – at least they pretend so.

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