Actress Robin Wright, who stars as the first American lady on the hit Netflix series “House of Cards, ” has ensured that Donald Trump ‘s arrival at the White House has left the screenwriter with no ideas for his next seasons.

“Trump has stolen all our ideas,” Variety told the Cannes Film Festival during an interview . However, although in the current political climate it is not easy to surprise with a series that talks about the darker side of power, Wright has advanced that producers already know how it will end. Although, yes, he did not want to give more details.

The fictional actress who portrays the bright, stylish and ruthless Claire Underwood has not hidden what she feels when she thinks of Trump: “My God, we have four years of this.” And she has also ruled that whoever she would like to see in the White House is Michelle Obama: “I would be a fantastic president.”

Starring Wright and Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” is an adaptation of a BBC homonymous mini-series that Netflix premiered with great success in 2013. The premiere of the fifth season is scheduled for 30 May.

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