Ivanka Trump is the second-born child and the first-born daughter of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana Trump. She is arguably the most popular and most admired woman out of all five children of Trump.

Currently, Ivanka and her brothers Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are the vice presidents of The Trump Organisation and mainly focus on the side of development and acquisitions. Since these siblings took over one of the major powers in the organization, the company has seen successes at various fronts. So, there is no doubt of any existing business adversary between these three millionaire siblings. Soon, one of them might be receiving the presidency of the organization as Donald Trump has vowed to relinquish his position.

Donald Trump has played a great role in developing such a relationship among the siblings. His choice to take advises from Ivanka, Eric and Trump Jr. seems to have brought the family as more integrated and powerful. Interestingly, the three siblings were crucial during the campaign as well – from firing Corey Lewandowski to convincing Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate.

The three siblings were even present at the GOP bid for candidate along with their younger sister Tiffany Trump. To talk about another stance of the siblings, Eric Trump reportedly defended his dad for comments about Ivanka calling her ‘a strong powerful woman’. This definitely shows Eric’s impression of his sister.

While Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.’s relation is not so covert to the media, Ivanka’s relation with Barron Trump still remains undisclosed. Perhaps, it’s because Barron is just 10 years old and likes keeping out of the touch of media. Once, Ivanka and Barron were seen together at The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work. Overall, the family photos of Trump children reveal some characters of playfulness and love.

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