The US Presidential Elections are coming close and the candidates are getting prepared with full swing. However, in all of this Donald Trump calls out to Hillary Clinton as the “devil”

Well well well the man has done it again because Donald Trump and news seems like a match made in heaven.This time for an equally controversial topic. Donald Trump while on his election rally called out to Hillary Clinton as a “devil.”

Criticizing Hilary Clinton’s former challenger Bernie Sanders Trump quoted”He made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil,”

Trump has been in the news for openly taking it out on Bernie Sanders and called out to him on many instances, but this time, he did not feel a bit skeptical in claiming that Bernie Sanders was the one who sold his “soul” to the devil aka Democratic candidate for US Presidential Elections-Hillary Clinton.

Well, that is not the end. Additionally, Donald trump seems to be just taking out what is there in his heart and be very honest about it. Trump felt that the election would be rigged. He clearly said it out loud that November 8th was a very important day for all of them and he wanted all the voters to watch close irrespective of what they are- be it Democrats or Republicans.

Donald Trump’s action plan against terrorism

And this is not the end. The opposite candidate from democratic party Hillary Clinton has not spoken about any plan of hers that she is going to take up for the terrorist activity in the USA. The lack of publicity in that gives an opinion of Hillary Clinton that she somehow thinks that Muslims are behind any kind of terrorism activity. Her no-views on the topic gives a vague approach of Clinton’s thinking on this global issue.

However, on the other side, Trump IS NOT harsh on the Muslim society.Although the whole world thinks he hates the religion and all the people associated with it; this might just not be true because he has went on a record to say that he will lift the ban. Rather Trump claimed that he would just take the approach of a temporary ban to observe and find the core problem and the people behind terrorism. Well, at least he has an action plan against fighting this, unlike Hillary Clinton or as Donald Trump would prefer- a devil.

Donald Trump might NOT be biased against Muslim community

A point to be noted which is very interesting. Donald Trump looks more like a savior for the people of Muslim clan. Keeping aside all the feuds he has faced with them and vice versa Trump in his own way is actually helping the Muslim people. Just recently Donald Trump’s comment about Ghazala Khan not speaking in the fear of her husband Khizr Khan made it to the news. The news was such an overnight hit that Ghazala Khan just did not speak up but the whole Muslim women spoke and with that a new trend- #CanYouHearUsNow.


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