Former Banker and now White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is already married and divorced thrice. He was married to Cathleen Suzanne Houff in 80’s, Mary Louis Piccard from 1995-1997 and with Diane Clohesy after that which ended in 2009.

Steve Bannon’s first wife was Cathleen Suzanne Houff. They wedded in 80’s and have a daughter Maureen Bannon together born in 1988. The reason of Bannon’s and Houff is not disclosed yet.

After separating with Cathleen he married Mary Louis Piccard in 1995; the marriage happened three days before Mary gave birth to their twin daughters Emily  Piccard and Grace Piccard.

In 1996 he was even accused of domestic violence from his second wife Mary. He was then charged with domestic violence when cops responded to his house; this news has grabbed a huge media attention. Later, Piccard filed for divorce and the couple separated in 1996. The divorce paper states that Bannon grabbed Mary’s throat and arms in a rough way that could have very bad consequences.

Steve Bannon’s second wife Mary Louis Piccard with her and Bannon’s twins.

Diane Clohesy is the third wife of Steve Bannon but it’s uncertain when and where they married. All facts available between the relation between Clohesy and Bannon is that they lived together in Laguna Beach, California in late 90’s. Clohesy registered herself as Republican in 2003 and had two accommodation listed in her form were Lincoln Road Condo in Miami Beach and Sarasota office building.

Steve Bannon and his third wife Diane Clohesy shifted in a luxury Manhattan high-rise apartment worth $1.3 million in 2006. Their marriage issue had started in 2007 and the couple had to sell the home in 2008 and got divorced in 2009.

Steve Bannon's third wife Diane Clohesy.
Steve Bannon’s third wife Diane Clohesy.

The records in Miami-Dade court says that Steve’s third wife had an affair with a Miami resident name Pedro Garcia Jr. since 2007. But their relationship was also violent. Diane Clohesy was twice accused of domestic violence and in 2009 she smashed a bottle in Pedro’s head. After that incident Pedro files the restraining order against Clohesy but the case was dismissed because Pedro didn’t showed up in court.

Bannon and Clohesy are still in good terms despite their divorce and maintain good relationship. It’s been said that Diane had drug related issues and Steve had always been supportive financially and emotionally. Steve had paid her house rent to help her financially while she was fighting with addiction.

Clohesy family member also said Bannon had always been supportive towards her. Clohesy and Bannon never had any children.

In an article published in NY Daily News it says that White Has a member filled with domestic violent and abusers. Donald Trump was accused of domestic violence by his first wife Ivana Trump, Steve Bannon from his second wife and Andrew Pudzer form his ex-wife Lisa Fierstein.

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