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Kellyanne Conway is now the most powerful and effective lady in White House. Also, in terms of salary and earnings. She has already accumulated the net worth of $4 million.

Kellyanne Conway Salary in White House as Counselor

Kellyanne Conway’s salary as Counselor to President Donald Trump will be more than $172,000 for her work as the senior adviser. And she will be paid well until she works for the white house.

Well, this is not the reported or disclosed salary of Kellyanne Conway but the previous adviser for the former president Barrack Obama, John Podesta was making $172,200 per year. So, Conway is going to make a lot of money as a counselor.

Before John Podesta joined White House as a Counselor to the Trump he was making $199,832 as the Chairman of the Center for American Progress.

At the Obama Administration, the salary of White House Staffers was raised and there were two staffers receiving about $172,000 and salary was increased about 28% per year.

So, calculating all the details, Kellyanne must be making about $200,000 a year. Kellyanne is well paid since the day of her 2016 election. She made the wealth of about $1.9 million from 2016 election campaign.

Kellyanne Conway being viral

Beside her White House work, she is going viral every week. Last time she was seen sitting recklessly in knee-bending position in White House Couch which was highly criticized by Democrats and public.


Kelyanne Conway in Knee bending position in White House Sofa.
Kellyanne Conway in Knee bending position in White House Sofa.
Kellyanne Conway realizes through Twitter
Kellyanne Conway realizes through Twitter

Now, her another picture has gone viral where she is seen in long blue velvet hood and necklace. The photo frame is placed in her living room. That’s an unusual picture for Kellyanne or any politician.

And every time she gets viral the Twitter explodes to make funny meme and to satire her. An another news she made last week was stating that “microwave that turns into a camera”.

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