Kellyanne Conway, who is married to George T Conway with four children has already the net worth of $4 million. Beside that Conway’s income is increasing from the 2016 election campaign days. Now, she is counselor to the Trump and everybody wants to know her salary.

Kellyanne’s exact salary is not disclosed in public but we can guess her salary. I will let you know how much the president of United States earn and then you can guess and comment her salary in the comment box below.

Let’s see the salary of President Donald Trump first.

President Donald Trump’s Salary

The yearly salary of the President Donald Trump is $400,000 along with $100,000 nontaxable travel account, $50,000 annual expense and $19,000 for entertainment according to the Title 3 of the US code.

Beside these salary and expenses, the president will get the benefits like free transportation, White House accommodation, presidential limousine “the beast”, Air Force one, Marine one and also free medical. These benefits is for his family too.

After their tenure as president, former president still gets secret service protection and too their family too till president’s death. They will receive about $200,000 as a pension in a salary basis till lifetime. Other, additional benefits are travel funds.

Trump had already said he wouldn’t take any salary but according to law he must take at least $1.

Guess Kellyanne Conway’s Salary now

Above you get the salary details of US president. An article on Business Insider said that in President Barrack Obama’s term White House 22 staffs made top dollars about $172,000. One of the top money maker was ex-National Security advisor John Blinken.

So, in my guess Kellyanne Conway’s salary is about $200,000. She might not get all the additional benefits that president will have but still she is gonna have plenty.

So, What’s your guess? Comment below!!

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