Jill Stein’s Net worth is more than $5 million among which $2 million is an invest-able assets. In her report of tax returns from 2016 she has earned $35,505 from dividends, $9,185 from capital gains and $2,000 from business profits.

Her husband Dr. Richard Rohrer is a physician and earns more than $300,000 per year. This was also shown in her tax returns during the election campaign in 2016. She is from Green Party and one of the most effective leader in United States. Jill consider herself as environmentalist.

Jill is a Doctor, activist and politician. She is living with her husband in Massachusetts.

Stein said she used Turbo Tax to know actual amount of her income and calculate tax returns when she was asked by Peter J Reilly.

She ran for Oval Office in 2016 competing with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and she have criticized both the republican and democratic candidate. She calls Donald Trump a fascist and Hillary a corrupted person.

Stein used to have a Band

Previously, Jill Stein was a musician and she still plays conga and djembe drums and guitar sometimes. She was a part of a band called Somebody’s Sister and the band was active in 1990’s and early 2000s. This band has released some folk albums with Jill. “Somebody’s Sister”, “Green Sky”, “Flash Point” and “Circuits to the Sun” are the album released by the band and they used to perform concerts around Massachusetts.

Jill Stein used to perform in a band named Somebody's Sister.
Jill Stein used to perform in a band named Somebody’s Sister.

Ken Selcer was one of the member of that band.

She is well read

Jill is a learned scholar with various degrees in her hand. She is a student of Harvard University where she studied psychology, anthropology and sociology and graduated in 1973. Later she graduated in Medical from Harvard and went to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to practice internal medicine. She practice medical in Simmons College Health Center for 25 years and retired in 2006.

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