Elizabeth Trump Grau, 75, is a former businesswomen and a retired banker. She used to be Administrative Assistant at Chase Manhattan bank in New York. Her husband James Grau is the film producer and they married in 1989.

Her younger brother Donald J Trump is now the president if United States. He defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 in the presidential race.

Elizabeth Trump Net Worth

Her net worth is estimate to be around $300 million. Most of her income comes from the Trump Hotel network and her husband’s Charisma Productions which produces the documentaries and sports movies.

She recently sold her House

Elizabeth Trump Grau sold her Beach home in Westhampton on May 2017 for $3.8 million as per the broker who closed the deal. Sarita Silver id Daniel Gale Sothby’s closed the deal and the buyer’s name is not revealed.

The initial selling price of the house was $5.5 million.

The house has the contemporary look standing in more than half acre property have five bedrooms, heated pool and private walkway to ocean.

Elizabeth Trump Grau sold her 1996 house in 2017.
Elizabeth Trump Grau sold her 1996 house in 2017.

Elizabeth never commented on the reason for the sale of this house. Bur her agent Sarita said that the Grau couple were not using the property anymore and that could be the main reason for selling this beautiful home.

It was bought by Elizabeth Trump Grau in 1996 when it was just constructed. She paid $1.29 at that time.

The new buyer of the house is working on redoing the house for keeping up maintenance.

Elizabeth added more cash on her account after selling this house. Even she is retired her net worth is still increasing from the investment she has in many American Industry.

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