Aaron Latham’s wife Lesley Stahl took the interview of Donald Trump and family in November 11, 2016 after Trump won the election in Nov 8 in the CBS show 60 minutes. Trump said he is not taking any salary as president but $1 as per law per year.

Lesly Stahl interviewed Trump on various issues like Obamacare, his tweets, immigrant policies, Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal, his tax returns, his salary, ISIS threats and many more. Stahl asked gorgeous Melania whether Donald ask for permission with her to run for president. She also asked weather Donald listen to Melania or not.

Melania said that Donald listens to her but at the end he do whatever he decides because he is grown up man. She also said that she tried to stop Trump from tweeting harsh and controversial comments on twitter.


Trump said ” He will keep the parts of Obamacare which he finds good and other aspects will be either eliminated or replaced but it wouldn’t be the same” He added that it will be more cheaper.

Trump also don’t want to prosecute Hillary Clinton over email fraud but will be working with Clinton to Make America Great Again. He claims that he has great plans to eliminate ISIS and wouldn’t reveal any secrets like previous leaders do.

Trump will not stop tweeting because he believed it is the strongest way to communicate with his millions of followers in an effective way. He insists that twitter played very important role for him to win the elections.
In the show he told Lesley Stahl America will have great immigration policies for immigrants, all legally and systematically.

And when asked about his tax returns Donald said ” He will releases his tax returns papers in appropriate time”.
Donald Trump was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump, Sons Donald Jr and Eric Trump and daughters Ivanka and Tiffany on the interview. Donald Jr believes that his father is a fighter and America needs a man like his father. Ivanka was thankful for this opportunity and Tiffany said that his father worked too hard for election.

In this interview Donald Jr also mentioned that President Trump was full of energy and went to all states and greeted people. Don mentioned that Trump would work 20 hours/day at the time of election.

Kellyanne Conway and Hope Hicks also worked hard for campaign and now they are counselor to the president and strategic communication head respectively.

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