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George T. Conway III is the husband of the famous White House powerful lady Kellyanne Conway. He is also the favorite lawyer of President Donald Trump and recently he has selected him as the head of Justice Department.

George T Conway III Ethnicity

George T Conway III’s race is of Asian-American ethnicity. His parents are from Philippines and later they immigrated to United States. George is an American Citizen for sure but it is still not confirmed weather he is born there or a naturalized citizen.

His wife Kellyanne Conway with whom he have four children is of German, Irish, English and Italian ethnicity. Her mother Diane A. DiNatale was an Italian woman.

George and Kellyanne have four children; Claudia Conway and George Conway (both age 12) who are twins, Vanessa Conway (age8) and Charlotte Conway (age 7).

George T Conway with his wife Kellyanne Conway.
George T Conway with his wife Kellyanne Conway.

George T Conway Background

Conway has a very good background in his education and career. He has graduated from Yale Law School and Harvard University. He has a degree in Biochemical science and Law. He was also an editor of the Yale Law Journal which is popular among Ivy League University.

He is magna cum laude of Harvard University and as a lawyer he has a prolific career. Now, he is the big name as US lawyer. He is also the partner of reputed law firm at WLRK and earn more than $1 million per year. Conway has worked hard in this industry for more than 21 years.

Conway is a high-profile lawyer and have argued many huge cases.  He have represented Kenneth Langon’s Invemed Associates against FINRA (previously NASD), Paula Jones against Bill Clinton sexual harassment case, Swiss artist Christoph against Massachusetts Museum Contemporary art under Visual Artists Rights of 1990, Philip Morris defamation case, two enforce merger agreements, QVC against Paramount Communications and many more.

Conway as head of Justice of Civil Department

George Conway has been previously selected by Donald Trump for the position of US General Solicitor by trump but Noel J. Francisco has been now already appointed.

Mr. Conway now will head the Department of Justice in Civil Division. His work as a leader would be handling national security issues and actions of President too. He would have a team of about 1000 lawyer. His current work would be representing Trump’s various legal challenges.

President Trump is going to have many legal issues in coming days also due to his vast real-estate empire which he is not giving up on. Kellyanne has no authority on her husband.

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