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I have searched for Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a bikini a lot of time on the internet since her campaign for Donald Trump but I never found her in Bikini.

The only pictures we can find of Press Secretary is standing in a press conference with a sad face and pointed fingers. Why is she always sad and pointing finger all the time?

This is the only picture of Sarah Huckabee where she actually hot in this red dress where we can see her legs at least. She is about to take the podium there. Common Sarah, we want to see you in Bikini!

Sarah Huckabee shaking hand with Anthony Scaramucci in White House.
Sarah Huckabee shaking hand with Anthony Scaramucci in White House.

Here is the list of pictures where we can see Sanders in the sad face and pointing fingers at journalist while briefing in White House.

Why are you always so sad? Are you depressed?

She is married to Bryan Chatfield Sanders and happily married.  Here are the pictures of her family.

A twitter post of a guy named Jon Cooper went viral after he was confused with the picture of Actress Busy Philipps with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He posted the photo of Philipps from the set of freak and Geeks.


Later he posted another tweet by saying he got that picture of her when he typed her name in google and actually believed that it was her. He suggested not to believe what Google says.

Bust Philipps was very disappointed and angry after it went viral and she posted many videos and twitter post by condemning it.

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