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In this neck to neck presidential election, we look at leading nominee for the post of US presidency 2016 Donald Trump’s campaign manager, strategist, and pollster Kellyanne Conway. In this nail-biting campaign for the support, we follow 10 of the hottest news surrounding this charismatic feminist who is married to a lawyer. and has a net worth in millions.

Kellyanne is married to George T Conway III who is the partner and lawyer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. She is mother of four children.

1.Kellyanne Conway on latest controversies

Conway talked about a recent round table discussion between Donald Trump and several African-American and Hispanic-American leaders which went successfully. She also pointed out how Hillary Clinton had not had a press conference for a long time and how the recent one was only focused on Trump and his website rather than health care and ISIS which the American public actually cared about. She emphasized on the humane and fair way to deal with the immigrants before deportation. She reminded the public that perpetrators would be sent home but others could be granted amnesty on a case by case basis.

2. Kellyanne Conway says Clinton is hiding from the media

After a desperate bid to stop campaigns by Trump; Clinton said Trump was leading a “hate movement”. Events leading to this include Trump calling Clinton a Bigot and that she only cared for her family and donors. To defend his claim Kelly went on an interview with the CBSN news channel to convince the voters to come to their side.

Defending Trump Conway responded that Trump too was called public names by Hillary and it was never taken seriously by the public. She showed her discontent at the public who repeatedly gave Trump many bad names. On the plus side, Conway paved ways on how Trump could gain more Hispanic and Black American votes and she warned the public about Hillary’s policy.

She defended Trump’s stance on Mexican-US Border wall by saying that only the criminal immigrants would be deported. She also claimed that things were moving much smoother with the Trump camp then the Hillary camp.

3. Kellyanne Conway-Voters can see Trump can Win

Just a week ago Conway reassured voters at the Trump camp how they could rest assured of a victory. In the interview with fox news which reported wins in several key states Conway claimed how voters were starting to see the real contrast between the two candidates (Clinton and Trump). She further said that people believed in Trump’s win and he had won more likely voters in the past few dates, this mainly attributed to the number of visits Trump made to several places in the absence of Hillary Clinton due to her health problems has certainly put him in a better spot.

4. Clarifying mixed message on Trump’s Muslim Ban

Trump’s declaration that no Muslim would be allowed into the US there was bound to be a lot of criticism and most even could not believe what he said. Were all people not allowed into the US just because they belonged to a certain religion? To clear this misunderstanding  Kelly had an interview with MSNBC where she explained how Trump had said in a more recent interview that he would only ban people from a list of countries with known for export of terrorism.

When asked which of the two statements were true she bluntly replied both. To further explain this she was asked if Muslims from Germany or Australia were allowed in the US she said that only Muslims with known terrorist links would not be allowed into the States.

5. Conway: All Issues are Women’s Issues.

During the hotly contested election, Kellyane addressed the public promising them a better future for women if Trump became the president. She said that they would “compete” on several issues which would benefit the women like healthcare, education, and security. She also told voters that all issues at the Trump campaign were Women issues as she tried to gain favor from the Pennsylvanian women.

While under fire from reporter Chris who reminded her of Trump’s talks to punish women who seek an abortion and of his fight with Megyn Kelly, she replied that she too was a pro-life activist and pro-life activist like Trump would not see women as perpetrators. She also mentioned Trump decided to be pro-life after a long consideration and personal experience as well. She also mentioned that Trump has a history of promoting women such as herself and that he didn’t refer to gender as an issue. She reminded women to judge people by their actions and not their words.

6. Conway’s defense of Trump in support of Iraq War

In a recent interview with Conway at CBS, This Morning show Conway was asked the legitimacy of Trump’s claim that he was against the Iraq war. Conway’s answer was a claim that he was a “private citizen who was against the Iraq war”

Charlie Rose an interviewer at the show asked her how she thought so when there was clear evidence recorded from a radio show saying he did support the war. Kelly claimed, “Had he been in the US Senate, he would have cast a vote against the Iraq war.”

When asked by Rose how did she know that Conway pathetically defended Trump by saying, “Because he said so?”

She went so far as to stating Sen. Obama had said the same in 2008 and everyone took him at his words. She further attacked Clinton but was shot back by Rose who reminded her it was only about Trump and not about Clinton.

Kelly would go on to agree that Trump had made the wrong decision which he had mentioned in an interview with the Esquire magazine.

7. Kellyanne Conway-‘Lies for a Living.’

A clever argument would turn out to be fatal at this interview as Real-time host Bill Maher pointed out he had just read out a list of lies told by Trump when campaign manager at the Trump camp Kelly told the audience that she “can’t support someone who lies for a living. “This response by Bill was happily accepted by the audience as Kelly tried to assure the public why Trump was more favorable over Clinton. Events unfolded at this talk show as Bill unfolded a list of lies told by Trump” I don’t know anything about David Duke.’ Utter lie. ‘Vladimir Putin and I are best friends.’ He never met him,” said Maher. “He ‘got a letter from the NFL,’ which was proved never happened. He gave money to the veterans when he didn’t. ‘I was against the Iraq war,’ when it’s on tape that he was not.” Kelly chooses to smooth things by mentioning the John McCain and Trump had buried the hatchet. She also confirmed to the audience her loyalty to the Trump campaign she reassured voters at the Trump camp that they were on the right track.

Maher ended the interview on a light note with a joke asking Trump not to sue him again.

8. Kelly’s statement-“Trump Will Win With ‘Undercover Voters’

Campaign manager at the Trump camp Kellyanne Conway in an interview with the Britain’s public television station channel 4 reassured the public on how Trump was going to pull off a victory. This, as she explained, was due to a phenomenon where voters would tell pollsters they preferred a socially acceptable candidate when they plan to vote for a different candidate altogether. She boasted on Trump’s better online polling. According to her, “The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition. “She, however, declined to comment on the size of the “hidden vote”. The so-called undercover voters would soon be reached by the Trump camp by various means even if it meant to be a door to door visit. The Guardian also reported on this and it reported Conway saying, “People who are supporting Donald Trump, who have not voted Republican in the past, who have not voted in quite a while, are so tired of arguing with family and friends and colleagues about their support of Donald Trump that they just decided not to discuss it.”She further added, “We give people a comfortable way to express that maybe they don’t want to vote this year and why that is.”

Whatever might be the case of these hidden votes and what impact will it make only time will tell for now Hillary Clinton is leading the polls and Trump camp might need to step up their campaign to stay in the game.

9. Conway’s answer to Trump’s Birtherism

During an interview with NBC News Conway cleverly managed to divert several of Chuck Todd’s questions aimed at Trump. In this interview on NBC’s meet, the press Conway was asked questions about how Donald Trump came to the conclusion of how the president (Barrack Obama) was born in the United States. She cunningly replied, “You will have to ask him that. “She went on to say that the associates of the Clinton campaign had started it.

Todd further pressed stating that Trump had for 5 years perpetuated it and it had arguably been his political identity for the last 5 years. He went on to add “Forget the Clinton incident for a minute, why did he perpetuate it for 5 years?”

Conway’s response was arguing that it made a huge difference and she told him that this was a Smeer used by Clinton camp against Sen. Obama she went on to remind him of how Clinton camp had run against Sen. Obama previously and several other reforms promised by Trump.

Todd added, “I understand why you’re deflecting, you are deflecting. This was five years of his political identity.”

Conway complained that people constantly slandered him in social media but they were supposed to support him instead.



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