Tracey Quillen is the incumbent First Lady of Delaware who assumed office on January 17, 2017 as her husband John C. Carney Jr. succeeded Jack Markell as Governor of Delaware. Formerly, she was a speech writer for Senator Joe Biden.

Early Life and Education

Tracey Quillen was born and raised in New Castle, Delaware to Mr. and Mrs. William Tatem Quillen. Receiving high school education from a local school, Tracey joined the University of Pennsylvania – in fact, she is a summa cum laude graduate.

Personal Life

Tracey Quillen is married to Delaware Governor John C. Carney Jr. since June 5, 1993. The couple has two children: Sam and Jimmy Carney. Reportedly, Sam, who is a student at Clemson University, was allegedly involved in the murder of a Clemson student named Tucker Hipps. Jimmy is currently at Tufts University majoring in computer science.

First Lady Tracey Quillen with her two sons.
First Lady Tracey Quillen with her two sons.


Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Tracey Quillen did several jobs and finally landed a position in Senator Joe Biden’s staff. As a speech writer, she worked alongside Joe Biden for 15 years. Quillen says that her work with Joe Biden has ‘informed her perspective on campaigns and public service’.

Having detached from Senator Joe Biden, Tracey Quillen joined Wilmington Friends School in 2002 as communications director. Since then, not liking media attention, Quillen has decided to remain in her current line of work. However, in an article ‘Tracey Quillen Carney: Parenting & Politics in Delaware’, Quillen states that her roles in John Carney’s political campaign apparently seem low profile or forbidden – or it just felt so. Anyway, looking at Tracey’s past experiences, it’s most reasonable to say that she largely contributed in shaping her husband’s political campaign and finally giving him the position of Governor.

Tracey Quillen is also a social worker. Yet, she says ‘Political campaigns, absolutely, are life-defining big deals, singular investments, and unique opportunities. Much more extraordinary is the opportunity to serve. But, as much as I value public service, I’ve learned that it’s not the only thing that’s like that. Everything that involves our kids, to me, is once-in-a-lifetime.’

Donald Trump and Tracey Quillen

Donald Trump and Tracey Quillen represent two opposing American parties. Hence, it’s obviously not logical to expect them agreeing on all the issues. Moreover, talking about their relationship, the two might not even have met since both ascended their current positions very recently.


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