Thomas Bossert is the current US Homeland Security Advisor to President Donald Trump. Prior to Trump, he had joined Bush administration as a deputy Homeland Security Advisor and the Director of Infrastructure Protection.

Early Life and Education

Tom Bossert was born in 1974 to parents whose identity is not yet known to the media. After early schooling, Bossert got into the University of Pittsburgh for an undergraduate degree in economics and politics. After graduating from college in 1997, Bossert joined Juris Doctor (JD) at George Washington University Law School.

Tom Bossert was hired by President Donald Trump and given the same position as Michael Flynn.
Tom Bossert was hired by President Donald Trump and given the same position as Michael Flynn.

Personal Life

Tom Bossert has remained pretty low profile over all these years of serving American politics. So, Bossert’s personal life needs more digging.


Tom Bossert entered the US mainstream politics by working for the Republican president George W Bush as deputy Homeland Security Advisor. While in the post, he significantly contributed to developing cybersecurity. Prior to joining Bush administration, Bossert was in several other governmental organizations such as Federal Emergency Management Agency, Small Business Administration and Office of the Independent Counsel.

While in the Bush administration, Bossert also co-authored a strategic report for homeland security. The work was highly classified and overviewed various steps government should take to overcome and prevent any terror attacks. As Bush served two full terms, Bossert also left the White House to work for Atlantic Council’s Cyber Security Initiative and Civil Defense Solutions.

Trump and Bossert

President Trump and Bossert do not always agree with each other. As known to all, Trump repeatedly criticized President Bush for poor handling of Iraq war. He even said that the war should not have taken place at all. He was also critical of the fact that the US Government left oil fields and military vehicles to Iraq. Moreover, Trump has always accused Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction. In contrary to Trump’s views, Bossert fully supports whatever President Bush did at that moment.

On the other hand, Bossert doesn’t fail to oppose – like Trump does – the pre-existing policies. He believes that the Transportation Security Administration screening is flawed and has a failing record. Based on a few differences and a large number of political similarities, Trump announced Tom Bossert to become the US Homeland Security Advisor. Unlike the previous Presidents, Trump even recognized the post of Homeland Security Advisor as hierarchically equalling the post of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Interestingly, the past Presidents had merged Homeland Security and National Security together. However, this separation might make anti-Flynn people happier and securer.


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