Having assumed the office on January 17, 2017, John Carney is the current Democratic Governor of Delaware. Formerly, he served as a member of the US House of Representatives (2011 – 2017) and Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (2001 – 2009).

Early Life and Education

John Carney was born on May 20, 1956 to father John Charles and mother Ann Marie. Brought up in Wilmington, Delaware, Carney went to St. Mark’s High School and was an avid football player. Academically competent, Carney got into Dartmouth College for undergraduate education. Later, he joined the University of Delaware for an MA in public administration.

Personal Life

60-year-old John Carney is married to Tracey Quillen with two children: Sam and Jimmy. Sam went to Clemson University and Jimmy went to Tufts University, while both received early education from Wilmington Friends School.


As a public administration graduate, John Carney joined the mainstream American politics as Deputy Administrative Chief Officer of New Castle County. Later, he served Governor Tom Carper as his Deputy Chief of Staff and Secretary of Finance. Moving on from these minor positions, Carney ascended to the post of Lieutenant Governor of Delaware on January 16, 2001 alongside newly-appointed Governor Ruth Ann Minner.

As Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, Carney held multiple responsibilities on his shoulders. He served as Chairman of Delaware Health Care Commission, Board of Pardons, Center of Education Technology and a few other committees. As a chair for the educational sector, Carney formulated ‘Models of Excellence in Education’ initiative in 2002. Reportedly, the project has raised student’s efficiency over the past decade. Likewise, Carney also served as Chairman of the National Lieutenant Governors’ Association for a year, starting in July 2004.

John Carney with his supporters.
John Carney with his supporters.

Having completed two successful tenures as Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, John Carney decided to run for 2008 gubernatorial election. Unfortunately, he lost the Democratic nomination after a tight race with Jack Markell. Hence, Carney turned towards acquiring a seat at the US House of Representatives. In 2010, Carney had a landslide victory with 57% votes as opposed to 41% votes of the runner-up candidate. Interestingly, the difference increased in 2012 as Carney received 64% votes and decreased in 2014 as Carney gained only 59% votes.

As a member of the US House of Representatives, Carney served on the Committee of Financial Services whereby he was assigned to handle Subcommittees on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprise, Monetary Policy and Trade and Oversight and Investigations. Besides, he formulated Expatriate Health Coverage Clarification Act in order to decrease health costs by cutting off expatriate health care.

Recently, John Carney ascended the office of Governor of Delaware by defeating Republican opponent Colin Bonini with 58% votes.

Donald Trump and John Carney

Representing two different and ideologically contrasting parties, it’s not reasonable to expect Donald Trump and John Carney to agree with each other. However, it’s yet to be seen how well they get along with each other, given that both leaders were sworn into the office very recently.

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