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  • Full NameSofia Jamora
  • First NameSofia
  • Last NameJamora
  • Birth PlaceLos Angeles

Sofia Jamora is a famous Instagram model, swimwear and social media star. She became famous after discovered by ‘Frankies Bikinis’. Posting her pictures and videos, clad in bikinis and swimwear, Sofia has won millions of fans. The popularity of Sofia was further boosted when she starred in the music videos ‘Let Me’ and ‘Entertainer’ by pop singer Zayn Malik. The two-part video showing Zayn dancing and making her out became viral, mainly due to the popularity of the singer.

Early life

Jamora was born and raised in Calabasas, California, the USA on May 6, 1997, and currently resides in Los Angeles. In adapting the heritage of the Pacific Islander, Jamora is not very exposed to her academic education, although it is said that she modeled ‘Frankie Bikinis’ and ‘Love Piper’ before she became known. There is little known about her family background, although she was raised by a single mother and has a dog named Sampson if some sources are believed.


Sofia Jamora as a swimwear model

A chance meeting led Sofia Jamora to become a model, a career that ultimately led to her stardom. She shopped at a trunk show in Westlake when the co-founder Mimi of ‘Frankies Bikinis’ scouted her. Charmed by her good body and appearance, Mimi asked her if she had thought of modeling as a career. Sofia expressed interest and soon found ‘Frankies Bikinis’ modeling. Her images and videos began to draw attention to her. This also opened up many opportunities for the next model, as it seemed natural when swimwear was flaunting.

The successful Sofia run in the fashion world continued with modeling opportunities for large brands such as ‘Love Piper’. She decided in 2014 to launch her Instagram page, which was a turning point in her career. Her fashion and bikini posts began to gain great traction. This has resulted in more endorsements by brands such as ‘Oh Polly’, ‘Windsor’ and ‘Tobi’. She ended up with a ‘Next Models’ contract. She reached her second major career milestone when she signed ‘Freedom Models’ in Los Angeles, California.

Everything began with her appearance in Zayn Malik’s pop sensation music video ‘Let me’. The video that was released on YouTube on 12 April 2018 was viral and has more than 99 million views.

Her swimwear, fashion and lifestyle, combined with her images from various cities and countries, have only added to her ever-increasing number of social media followers. Sofia Jamora is one of the best models to look for in the next decade with more endorsements from top brands and modeling opportunities.

Personal life

Sofia Jamora with her boyfriend Spencer Mow

Since Sofia has done well for herself in her chosen profession, gaining many fans and admirers, it is no surprise that many have shown an interest in learning more about her family and her personal life in general. Unfortunately, the desire to learn more about the Instagram star’s private life has nearly always been disappointed. While her parents are known to be important people in her life, details of her family life are unknown. Nobody can tell if she has any siblings and the identities of her parents are unknown in the same way.

Due to the music video ‘Entertainer’, it was assumed that Zayn and Sofia have an affair. The boyfriend of Sofia is Spencer Mow. Although it is not known when the two dating started, we can say that Spencer is also an Instagram star. Since the time of this writing, he has more than 26,000 followers and is known for his friendship with the Kardashian family.

Net worth

Sofia Jamora lifestyle

As a rising star in modeling and Instagram, the net value of Sofia is estimated to exceed $300 thousand in 2019.

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