Glenna Bevin is the incumbent First Lady of Kentucky who has been in office since December 8, 2015 as her husband, Matt Bevin, succeeded Steve Beshear as Governor of Kentucky. Matt and Glenna have been together for more than two decades.

Early Life and Education

Glenna Bevin was born and raised in Cherokee, Oklahoma by her parents. Attending high school in the same area, Bevin went to Northern Oklahoma College for a nursing degree.

Personal Life

Glenna and Matt Bevin first met each other after setting up a blind date. Having quickly fallen in love, the two married in 1996. Within these 20 plus years of marriage, the couple has raised ten children: Brittiney, Jonah, Olivia, Madison, Issac, Grace, Mackenzie, Sophia, Daniel, and Lydia. As you can tell, Glenna is a busy First Lady. Unfortunately, Brittiney died in 2003 following a fatal car accident.

Governor Matt Bevin in an acceptance speech with his 9 children.
Governor Matt Bevin in an acceptance speech with his 9 children.


Glenna Bevin commenced her professional career as a nurse after she graduated from Northern Oklahoma College. She gained substantial experiences in emergency room nursing, hospice care, and women labor delivery. However, Bevin supposedly left the nursing career after being surrounded by ten children. Anyway, she always found time to engage in extracurricular activities.

Following the death of Brittiney, Bevin couple’s eldest child, they set up an organization called Brittiney’s Wish which currently works to raise funds for high school students going on domestic or international educational trips. Likewise, the couple also started Bevin Centre for Missions Mobilisations. It is a religious organization which ‘offers opportunities for you to glorify Christ as you engage unbelievers in Louisville, North America, and to the ends of the earth’.

Glenna Bevin says that her heart lies with ‘Kentucky’s children and families’. She believes that every child should have the right to grow up in a good home with numerous opportunities. As of Bevin couple themselves, they have four adopted children and have been advocating for the case of adoption. Bevin is also looking for ways which could make adoption more financially realistic. Likewise, she is engaged in projects which aim to benefit the poor and needy children in the third nations such as India.

In addition, Glenna also keeps herself busy to ‘expand child abuse prevention and early treatment’ in collaboration with the legislature and other groups working to make the same impact.

Donald Trump and Glenna Bevin

As evident in the media, Glenna Bevin and Donald Trump haven’t yet confronted each other on any national issues. However, Bevin’s husband and President Trump seem to have quite an interesting relationship. Besides agreeing on a lot of issues, people say that Matt and Donald followed similar stairs to their current chair.

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