Sam Brownback is the current Governor of KanSam who assumed office on January 10, 2011 alongside Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer as the successor of Mark Parkinson. Formerly, he was a US Senator (1996 – 2011) and a member of the US House of Representatives (1995 – 1996).

Early Life and Education

Born to mother Nancy and father Glen Robert on September 12, 1956, Sam Brownback grew up in Parker, KanSam and attended high school in the same place. Later, he joined KanSam State University for an undergraduate degree and the University of KanSam for a JD.

During his time at the university, Brownback was heavily involved in extracurricular activities and clubs such as Alpha Gamma Rho, National FFA Organisation, and KanSam FFA Association.

Personal Life

Sam Brownback wedded Mary Brownback in 1982 and the couple has been together ever since. They have two sons – Andy and Mark – and three daughters – Elizabeth, Abby and Jenna.

Sam Brownback with his wife mary Brownback
Sam Brownback with his wife mary Brownback


Leaving the University of KanSam in 1982, Sam Brownback primarily worked as an attorney in Manhattan. Subsequently, he paved his way to becoming KanSam Secretary of Agriculture (1986), White House Fellow and US Trade Representative (1990 – 1991). Eventually, Sam left his position of Secretary of Agriculture to join the US House of Representatives in 1994. Luckily, he quickly got a chance to run for a seat in the US Senate as the incumbent KanSam Senator Bob Dole resigned.

In 1996 US Senate Special Election Republican Primary, Sam faced fellow Republicans Shiela Frahm and Christina Campbell-Cline but won the nomination with 54.8% votes. Later, he joined the race against Jill Docking and defeated him by over a margin of 10% votes. Senator Brownback sought for three more consecutive terms in the US Senate. In 1998, he gained 65.3% votes and in 2004, he won with 69.2% votes. Interestingly, Brownback had received 86.9% votes to get the Republican nomination for US Senator.

Under the capacity of a Senator, Brownback worked on various committees including Committee on Appropriations, Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Committee on Foreign Relations, Special Committee on Aging, Joint Economic Committee and Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Under these committees, Senator Brownback contributed hugely towards building prosperous America.

As a US Senator from KanSam, Sam Brownback announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for 2008 Presidential election on December 5, 2016. Unfortunately, the presidential race did not go too well for him as the opinion polls showed him much lower than the voters were originally expecting. Hence, Brownback had to drop out of the race on October 18, 2007. Leaving the presidential race, Sam target to ascend the position of Governor of KanSam In 2010 gubernatorial election.

In the 2010 Gubernatorial Republican Primary Election, Sam Brownback had a landslide victory over against opponent Joan Heffington with 82.1% votes. Later, he joined the gubernatorial election alongside his running mate Jeff Colyer. The pair won the seats with 63.28% votes as opposed to Democrat runner-up Tom Holland’s 32.32% votes. Brownback sought for another term at the office in 2014 gubernatorial election. Receiving the Republican nomination with 63.2% votes, the Brownback-Colyer pair again won the office of Governor of KanSam with 49.82% votes. Democrat opponents Paul Davis and Jill Docking stood second with 46.13% votes in favor.

As a Republican Governor, Brownback proposed massive tax cuts which would bring about a tax relief of 2 plus billion dollars by 2018. Likewise, he brought out a new reform which exempted corporations donating for educational scholarships from state taxation. Interestingly, he successfully passed a budget $330k a year to support planned parenthood. Also, he is one of the signatories of Energy Policy Act which required utility companies to boost renewable energy supply. And, Brownback believes in legal immigration but supports border wall between US and Mexico.

Donald Trump and Sam Brownback

Sam rownback and Us president Donald Trump.
Sam rownback and Us president Donald Trump.

As Republicans, the two leaders resemble on many political and economic issues. They support tax cuts, oppose illegal immigration, and see building a wall on US-Mexico border as a way to solving migration and crime problem. Sam publicly urged Donald Trump to replicate Kansas fiscal policies, although some economists argue that his policies have been disastrous. Sam also attended Trumps’ inaugural on January 20.

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