Scott Hagerstrom was a district-level of delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and joined Donald Trump’s campaign as Michigan state director.


Scott Hagerstrom served a Koch Industries-funded ,the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, as the Michigan State director, a group for anti-union free market opposing proposals by  the United State President Barack Obama to trade system to address global warming, institute a cap and reform heath care system.

Early Year

In 1991, Hagerstrom earned his B.A degree in Political Science from Michigan State University. Hagerstrom graduated from the law schoolat Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in 1997.Hagerstorm earned his Doctorate from Thomes M. Cooley Law School. Hagerstrom married to Amy. Hagerstrom family moved from Downriver Detroit tolSouthwest Michigan to Indiana in search of economic opportunity  where he learned about the importance of a free market policies.

In 1997, Hagerstrom served in the Michigan House of Representatives as a legislative aide. In 2008, Hagerstrom was named for the Prosperity- Michnigan as the State Director. Hagerstrom joined the Coalition against a Special Interest Deals and Higher Taxes in February 2015. Hagerstrom served as the group director of the grassroots and strategic engagement. It is a group which was formed by Paul Mithcell to oppose the Michigan Proposal 1.

Hagerstrom’s 16 years of experiences includes directing the legislative, grassroots and political strategy for Michigan’s leading to free market legislators.

Americans for Prosperity

Hagerstrom served for the state chapter of theAmericans for Prosperityas the Michigan state director in June 2008.It is a political nonprofit organization which is associated with David Koch and Charles. Hagerstrom had led the organization’s all efforts to make the Michigan a right-to-work state.

In 2011, speaking at a CPAC panel on labor policy, Hagerstrom said that they fight these battles for taxes and for regulations and even liked the unions out at their knees so that they will be out of resource to fight all these battles. In February 2015,Hagerstrom resigned from AFP.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, 2016

In December 2015, Hagerstrom joined as Michigan state director for the Trump’s campaign. Hagerstrom said in one interview that Trump has his ability and vision to make the country better then which was before and he feels honor to serve Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Republican National Convention, 2016

Hagerstrom was one of the twenty dive delegates from Michigan who was delegate to the Republican National Convention 2016. Hangerstrom was bounded to support Donald Trump by state party rules at the convention. On July 19, 2016, Trump won the nomination of the Republican as the winner needed only 1,237 delegates support whereas Trump had 1,542 delegates.



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