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Facts about Bill Weld
Date of birth: July 31, 1945
Birth Country: New York, U.S.A
Gender: Male
Net worth: 2 million USD

Bill Weld is an American businessman, attorney, and politician who ran for Vice President of U.S.A in 2016 election as the nominee of Libertarian Party.

Early Life and Education:

Bill Weld also knew as William Weld was born on July 31, 1945, in Smith town, New York.

Weld got his early education at Middlesex School. He graduated in a classic from Harvard College in 1966 then studied economics and political science at Oxford University for one year, and also graduated from Harvard Law School in 1970.

Early Career:

Weld started his law career with the House Judiciary Committee as a counsel throughout the Watergate impeachment inspection, where one among his colleagues was Hillary Rodham. In 1978, he ran unsuccessfully for Massachusetts Attorney General, where he got defeated by Francis X. Bellotti to Democratic incumbent by (78.4%) to (21.6%).

In 1981, Weld was advised by Rudolph W. Giuliani who was Associate U.S. Attorney General to President Reagan, for the post of the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. Throughout Weld’s tenure, the lawyer General’s workplace prosecuted a number of New England’s largest banks in cases involving money laundering and different white-collar crimes. In 1985, the Boston Globe told that Weld “has been far and away the foremost visible figure within the prosecution of monetary institutions.”

Weld earned national recognition in fighting against public corruption where he won 109 cases among 111.

In 1983, the Boston Globe said: “The U.S. Attorney’s workplace has not lost one political corruption case since Weld took over, an achievement believed to be unequaled within the numerous federal jurisdictions.”

Political Career:

Governor of Massachusetts:

In 1990, Weld was elected governor of Massachusetts where he defeated Democrat John Silber in the general election by a very small margin to become the first Republican to win the office in 20 years. He had an opportunity to serve at that position from 1991-1997.

2016 Libertarian vice presidential nomination:

Bill was the candidate of the Libertarian Party for the vice-president during 2016 election.


Personal Life:

Weld’s father David was an investment and his mother Mary Nichols Weld was a successor of William Floyd, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Weld was first married to Susan Roosevelt Weld on June 7, 1975. Susan was a lecturer at the Harvard University then have a specialty in Chinese civilization and law. They had five children together: David Minot, Santa Barbara, Ethel Derby, Mary Blake, Quentin Roosevelt and Frances Wylie. Although they seemed going well in their married life they got divorced in 2002. Then, he got married to Leslie Marshall who is a writer and novelist.


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