Reem Acra is a Lebanese fashion designer currently based in the United States. Acra is especially known for her wedding gowns and other female casual outfits. She dressed First Lady Melania Trump on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Early Life and Education

Reem Acra was born in Beirut, Lebanon to father Aftim and mother Nadia. Raised in Lebanon with three other siblings, Acra went to the American University in Beirut for an undergraduate degree in business.

Having been a member of fashion club at college, Acra managed to attract over 2000 people on her fashion show in 1982. Subsequently, in 1986, she earned a fashion degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Finishing up her studies in New York, Acra went to Paris-based design school, École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode.

Personal Life

Reem Acra’s relationship status is not openly available. Hence, it’s hard to say if she is dating, or even married.

So far, it seems fashion designing career has served Acra very well. She currently owns four homes: one each in New York and Nashville and two in Lebanon. Acra’s New York home is a Manhattan-based 3200-square-foot investment.


Reem Acra’s career as a professional fashion designer started as she finished her business degree from the American University in Beirut. She put on a successful fashion show and subsequently joined the Fashion Institute of Technology. By the age of 25, Acra had already signed a $25-million project. Working on the project for seven years, Acra left in the pursuit of starting her own label. However, she worked as an interior designer before launching into her ultimate aspiration.

In 1997, Reem Arca designed a bridal gown for a friend on a bet if she could finish the dress within three weeks. As the gown was shared in the media, it became viral in the internet world and even got published in The New York Times. This incident led to an emergence of a new bridal line. Arca had a debut show in 1999. Her dresses again won a lot of hearts and received a huge number of orders from celebrities and other people. This gave Acra a chance to expand her business from wedding gown to evening clothes and casual outfits.

So far, famous celebrities and personalities such as Melania Trump, Beyonce, Jill Biden, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Taylor Swift have worn Reem Arca’s creations. In the same way, Reem Arca has managed to make LeAnn Rimes, Jenna Dewan and Marcia Cross’ weddings extra special by designing them eye-catching gowns.


  • Building Bridges award (October 2014) from Bridges of Understanding
  • Member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America
  • Member of the Dubai Design and Fashion Council since its creation

Donald Trump and Reem Acra

After several prominent fashion designers declined from dressing First Lady, Reem Acra stood up politically neutral. At a dinner in Washington’s Union Station, Melania Trump wore a Reem Arca in glittering gold color.

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