Sophie Theallet is a French-born fashion designer who had been a private designer for former US First Lady Michelle Obama. Theallet has her own website which features some of her recent works.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in France, Sophie Theallet went to Studio Bercot for a degree in fashion designing. Sophie is undoubtedly a fashion prodigy.

Personal Life

While many personalities in the fashion industry are very much frequent in the media, Sophie Theallet likes to keep a low profile. As of today, it’s hard to tell if she is in a relationship with anyone.


Sophie Theallet won the ‘National Young Design Award’ while at Studio Bercot. Because of the prestigious award, Theallet quickly landed a job with well-known designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Working over a few years with Gaultier, Sophie learned to express with colors, trust instincts and be fearless.

Leaving Jean-Paul Gaultier, Sophie joined Azzedine Alaia as a close designer. While with Alaia, Theallet truly became able to mature as an experienced and competent designer. Honing the skills of draping, knitting, and cutting, Sophie Theallet left Alaia’s team after ten years. She then moved to New York City.

While at New York, Theallet worked with several fashion labels, including as a part-time designer for Azzedine Alaia. Establishing a strong base in New York, Sophie started her own fashion label and titled it Sophie Theallet. Soon enough, Sophie Theallet not only remained a French fashion prodigy but also a global one. In 2009, young Sophie was awarded the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Likewise, in 2012, she won Woolmark Prize, one of the most prestigious in the fashion world.

Today, Sophie Theallet is one of the most renowned fashion designers. Her designs reflect the ‘subtle sexiness, beauty, substance and style’ of a person.

Donald Trump and Sophie Theallet

Sophie Theallet was a private dress designer for former US First Lady Michelle Obama. As of November 2016, she has vowed not to work for new First Lady Melania Trump. Sophie expressed her views on Twitter with a nicely written elaborative letter.

In the letter, Sophie says that her label only supports humane, conscious and ethical ways in the world. She also adds that the ‘rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her [Melania Trump] husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by.’

At the end of the letter, Sophie Theallet also urges other designers to follow her footsteps.


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