Linda Daugaard is the current First Lady of the State of South Dakota. She has been in the position since January 8, 2011 as her husband Dennis Daugaard succeeded Mike Rounds as Governor of South Dakota.

Early Life and Education

Linda Daugaard was born in Dell Rapids of South Dakota. Growing up with eleven other siblings, Linda Daugaard went to Dell Rapids St. Mary’s high School for early education. Graduating from St. Mary’s in 1971, she joined South Dakota State University for an undergraduate degree in physical education. Linda also did her teaching degree from South Dakota State University.

Personal Life

Linda Daugaard is married to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard since 1981. The couple has three children: Christopher, Laura and Sara Daugaard.


Linda Daugaard has a diversified career path in her professional life. At some point, she was a school librarian. Likewise, while her husband was serving as a state Senator in the South Dakota Senate, Linda acted as a committee secretary. After completing a degree from South Dakota State University, she entered her alma mater high school and started coaching girls’ basketball team. Subsequently, she also took various teaching positions at the University of California and the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Linda Daugaard’s major contributions to the South Dakota community come after she took the office of First Lady on January 8, 2011. As First Lady of South Dakota, Linda Daugaard has prioritized children education, health, family care, and heritage preservation. Recently, she traveled around the state in order to encourage reading among the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Daugaard says, “Third, fourth, and fifth grade is around the time that many students lose interest in reading. It is important to spread enthusiasm about reading at this crucial point in a child’s development.”

As of 2011, Daugaard was the Chair of Governor’s Infant Mortality Task Force, a governmental organization aimed at tackling infant deaths. First Lady says, “It was disheartening to learn that an average of 80 babies die before their first birthdays each year in South Dakota. The death of even one South Dakota baby is one too many.” Likewise, in regard to maternal health care, Daugaard has been advocating to dramatically decrease the number of early deliveries. By 2015, 17 hospitals had signed the pledge.

In order to protect the historical importance of South Dakota Governor’s Mansion, Linda Daugaard has been working actively with several governmental and non-governmental organizations such as Capitol Beautification Commission. In the same way, Linda Daugaard is incessantly advocating for foster care of children. She says, “All children need meaningful connections to caring adults who can provide stability and permanency in their lives. Dedicated foster families help provide the support and opportunities children need to realize their full potential. Thank you for committing to know more about becoming a foster family. It will change your life and theirs.”

Donald Trump and Linda Daugaard

Linda Daugaard might not be familiar to Donald Trump but her husband Dennis Daugaard is a strong critique of Trump. Although Dennis Daugaard and Donald Trump represent the same party, they vastly differ in their ideologies. Not having a likening for President Trump, Governor Daugaard has repeatedly opposed him. He wrote on twitter: Enough is enough. Donald Trump should withdraw in favor of Governor Mike Pence. This election is too important.




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