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Justin Trudeau is the incumbent Prime Minister of Canada. A leader of the Liberal Party, Trudeau is perhaps one of the most liked political figures in the world. Prior to being elected to the post of Prime Minister, Trudeau had served the government as a Finance Minister.

Early life and education

Justin Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 to the former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott and mother Margaret Sinclair. He grew up in Ottawa with his brothers Alaxandre and Michel Trudeau. During a birth party at National Arts Centre, then US President Richard Nixon proposed a toast for Justin Trudeau, calling him the future PM of Canada. While Trudeau was just 5, his parents parted their ways and his father retired from Prime Ministership.

After completing high school, Trudeau went to the University of British Columbia for an undergraduate degree in education and to McGill University for a degree in literature. Likewise, Trudeau also did engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Later, he earned a Master’s degree in environmental geography from McGill University.

Personal Life

Justin Trudeau is married with three children. Trudeau and his wife Sophie tied the knot in 2005.

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After completing studies, Trudeau started teaching Maths and French at West Point Grey Academy. The, starting in 2007, Trudeau entered the television show The Great War. He was depicted as Talbot Mercer Papineau in the show. Likewise, Trudeau also worked as a panelist on a CBS Radio show. Already a competent media speaker, Trudeau had the utmost opportunity to host Giller Prize in 2006. The program consequently rose Trudeau’s fame around Canada.


Trudeau was always a Liberal Party supporter, though not a very active one. Following father and PM Pierre Trudeau’s death, Justin ventured into mainstream politics. He was subsequently appointed to lead a task force on youth renewal in 2006 and to co-host 2003 leadership convention. By 2007, he had already won Liberal Party’s nomination to run for Montreal riding of Outremont.

Justin Trudeau’s rose quite significantly after 2008. As the Conservative Party had a minority win, Trudeau became a member of the Official Opposition. He, then, played a crucial role in 2009 Liberal Party National Convention. Likewise, Trudeau strongly supported an increase in Canadian relief efforts after 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Thus, he was re-elected into the parliament although his party slid to the third position in House of Commons.

Following a bad performance of the Liberal Party in 2011 elections, then party leader Ignatieff stepped down. So, Trudeau was seen as one of the potential candidates for the position. However, he decided not to take the post. As this decision could be deteriorating for the strength of Liberal Party, Trudeau was convinced to lead the party. Interestingly, he won the 2012 party leadership election with 80.1% votes in favor. The opposing candidates were nowhere near Trudeau – Joyce Murray has 10.2% votes and Martha Hall had a mere 5.7%.

As a consequence of Trudeau’s landslide victory, the Liberal Party’s approval ratings started to surge high. EKOS poll in December 2013 even showed Liberal Party as the favorite of 32.1% voters. On the other hand, the opposition parties had just around 20-26% voters on their side. So, the nearing election seemed like a clear victory for the Liberals. Keeping aside all other businesses and properties, Trudeau fully devoted himself on 2015 Federal Elections. He released a video titled ‘An economy that benefits us all’ which is said to have persuaded a lot of voters.

After a long-fought election, the Liberal Party won 39.5% votes and gained 184 seats in the parliament. This majority win was one of the best election performances in Canadian history. After the win, the party leader Justin Trudeau was rightfully sworn in as the Prime Minister of Canada. He is in the office since November 4, 2015. Always referred to as a champion of people, Trudeau is currently under investigation on his trip to Aga Khan IV’s private Island.

So far, Trudeau has been acclaimed for numerous achievements. Unlike any other world leaders, he went to the airport to personally welcome Syrian Refugees. Likewise, he announced a gender-balanced cabinet ‘because it’s 2015’. The various rare qualities Justin possesses makes him the most liked leader in the world.

Trump and Trudeau

Trudeau publicly congratulated Trump after his landslide victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton. He also said that his government looked forward to maintaining close ties with the US President, Congress, and Government. Likewise, Trudeau invited to come for a meeting and renegotiate NAFTA.

While Trump proposed for a travel ban from seven Muslim countries, Trudeau has been welcoming the Syrian refugees and calling for world tolerance. Despite huge political differences existing between the two world leaders, Trudeau and Trump still need to have some bromance – just to keep each other’s countries out of trouble.

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