American Democratic Politician Jeff Merkley is currently serving as the junior United States Senator from Oregan. Merkley is in the post since 2009. Along with his strong ability, he is well known among Oregon people for his work and commitment towards the local community.

Latest news and Relation to Trump

Jeff Merkley is standing against the ‘Zero tolerance’ policy under Trump administration that separates families with their children on an illegal immigration case. Without fearing security Merkley is openly expressing dissatisfaction on the matter in media. Initially when the situation was critical President Trump signed to the reunion of the families, but it was not on the action when Merkley visited the place to observe the situation. Taking the case along with other, Merkley is not seen in good relation with President Trump.

In the Career of Jeff Merkley

Merkley jumped to career job immediately after studies and initiated from government sectors. Being selected as Presidential Management Fellow, a highly selective training program in United States Government agency, just following his master degree, Merkley worked on security for American Military technology in the Secretary of Defense office. After this prestigious two years fellowship, he worked in the Congressional Budget Office, analyzing policies and program related to nuclear weapons. Gaining experience from these government sectors, Merkley moved back to his place Portland where he worked in humanitarian organization ‘Habitat for Humanity’ as executive director from 1991 to 1994, and also launched Individual Development Account (IDA) as first in Oregon to help low earning families economically. Moreover, Merkley served for seven years as president in World Affairs Council of Oregon and continued on Board of Trustees after the presidency.

This #MuslimBan is un-American. Lady #Liberty is crying. We are a nation of #immigrants, and we must stand together for the strength of our nation. #SupremeCourt #NoMuslimBanEver

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Then, in 1998 Merkley stepped into the political career as Democrat in The Oregon House of Representative and also was the speaker there from 2007 to 2009, before the present senate profession. Merkley in Senate has praiseworthily worked on employment & economic growth sector as he already had observed the importance and dynamics of job in normal livelihood in his home & neighbors. Merkley’s lead was seen as productive in legislation balancing economic issue, along with education and health sector and also on the gender issue. Reformer Merkley’s works were always inclined to the betterment of community either on government job or on the humanitarian job and are still on.

The Net worth of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley’s net worth is estimated to be $2.9 million. More than the money he is always seen in love with his job and community life development.

In the Personal life of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley is living good family life with wife Mary Sorteberg along with their two children Jonathan and Brynne, in Portland Oregon. Mary is a nurse by profession. Interestingly Merkley’s kids attended the same public school, he had gone. Brynne has been seen with dad many times in several campaigns in 2008.

The Early life Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley was born on October 24, 1956, in Myrtle Creek, Oregon to parents Betty Lou and Darrell Philip Merkley. After first grade study in Roseburg Oregan, Merkley and his family moved to Portland, where he graduated schooling from David Douglas High School. But his further bachelor and master studies were not in Oregan. He did Bachelor of Arts in International Relation from Stanford University, California in 1979 and Master degree in Public Affairs from Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, New Jersey in 1982. Merkley was first to attend college in his family. Merkley’s present dedicated worked towards the betterment of communities & nation was enrooted since childhood indirectly by their parents when they would discuss on news of social issues and its possible way out lacking in the society.

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