Jay Inslee is the current Governor of Washington. He assumed office on January 16, 2013 as the successor of Christine Gregoire. Formerly, Inslee was a member of the House of Representatives from Washington’s 1st District (1999 – 2012), from Washington’s 4th District (1993 – 1995) and a member of the Washington House of Representatives from the 14th legislative district (1989 – 1993.

Early Life and Education

Jay Inslee was born on February 9, 1951 to father Frank and mother Adele Inslee. Raised in Seattle, Inslee went to Ingraham High School for early education. Graduating from Ingraham, he joined the University of Washington for an undergraduate degree in economics. Inslee also did a law degree from Willamette College.

Personal Life

Jay Inslee is married to Trudi Inslee since August 27, 1972. Th couple had three children: Jack, Connor and Joe.

Jay Inslee who is the governor of Washington with his wife Trudi Inslee.
Jay Inslee who is the governor of Washington with his wife Trudi Inslee.

As hobby, he likes to play basketball and is also a member of Hoopaholics.


Jay Inslee started into the world of mainstream politics when he was 37 years old by being elected to a seat in the Washington House of Representatives in 1988. Ending the first two-year term, Inslee sought for another term in 1990 election. He successfully left office on January 11, 1993 to join the US House of Representatives from Washington’s 4th district. Unfortunately, Inslee lost his bid for re-election in 1994.

During the inter-congressional years between 1995 and 1999, Inslee tried his luck to become Governor of Washington but was badly defeated in the primary elections. Hence, he was appointed as regional director of the US Department of Health and Human Services by Clinton administration. In 1998, Inslee ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives from Washington’s 1st Congressional district. This time, he succeeded to gain the seat with 50% votes in hand against Republican challenger Rick White. Thereafter, he has won six re-elections for US House of Representatives. In 2000, Inslee defeated republican Dan McDonald with 55% votes and, in 2002, he won against Joe Marine with 56% votes. Likewise, in the following years, Inslee’s win margin increased – he had 62%, 68%, 68% votes in 2004, 2006 and 2008 respectively. Interestingly, in 2010, the winning margin dropped as he ran against rising politician James Watkins.

As a member of the US House of Representatives, Jay Inslee was assigned to numerous committees, subcommittees, and caucuses. Some of them are as below:

Committee assignments
  • United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce
  • United States House Energy Subcommittee on Energy and Power


Caucus memberships
  • Congressional Friends of Animals Caucus
  • Congressional Internet Caucus
  • House Medicare and Medicaid Fairness Caucus
  • House Oceans Caucus
  • United States Congressional International Conservation Caucus
  • Congressional Arts Caucus Committee assignments

Besides working in the committees and caucuses, Jay Inslee had been a crucial man in the congress who represented strong views on combatting global warming. Likewise, he has publicly criticized Bush administration’s several decisions, especially the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Also, Jay Inslee supported Obamacare and actively advocated for US alliance with NATO.

Leaving the Congress, Inslee decided to run for Governor of Washington in 2012 Gubernatorial election. With an empty seat in Governor’s office, Inslee ran for the Democratic nomination. Having gained an easy nomination from the party, Jay Inslee faced Rob McKenna in the general election and defeated him with a 51.5% to 48.5% margin. In 2016, incumbent Governor Jay Inslee decided to seek a second term. In the general election, he defeated Republican nominee Bill Bryant with 54.4% votes.

Jay Inslee will hold the Governor’s office until 2020.

Donald Trump and Jay Inslee

Governor Inslee has always been an outspoken critic of Republican leaders. The same goes with his stance on President Donald Trump. On Trump’s immigration order and travel ban, Governor Inslee has been very ruthless. He called this move a sign of ‘cruelty’.

As per The Seattle Times, Inslee seems more concerned after he met President Trump and discussed immigration and health. He said, “I feel more concerned about that now than when I landed Thursday night.”


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